We Got Great Kids Here at Chenny

To be a Camper of the Week is to be recognized at the highest level. Those who are honored are truly standout campers that are helpful, friendly, participates in all activities, have positive attitudes and are just awesome kids. To see the expression on the faces of the kids when their name is announced as this week Campers of the week is priceless. They deserve this honor and we are proud of each one of our outstanding campers. Congratulations to the following campers:

Freshman –¬† ¬† Lexi Plotnick¬† & Ryden Rubovitz

Juniors – Remy Friedberg & Anthony Scarcella

Middies – Abby Foodim & Noah Kepke

Inters – Hannah Nudelman & Matthew Steinbock

Collegiates – Febe Wasserman & Ben Gruberger

Seniors – Sami Talbot & Wyatt Jacobs

Supers – Alexa Starikov & Scott Steinberg

GC’s – Elana Kessler & Jordan Yagaloff

CIT’s – Alexa Haber & Ben Kimelman

In addition to Camper of the Week we love to honor our Kind Campers. There is truly nothing better than to see kids nominate their peers and highlight their kindness. To be kind is the ultimate and best quality to posses. There is truly nothing better than to see our kids being kind to one another. Success to us is watching kindness spread and it is spreading all over Camp Chen-A-Wanda. If your camper was selected as this weeks Kind Camper, kuddos to you and job well done – your children are truly kind kids. We hope your hearts are full knowing you have kind kids! These campers are spreading sunshine all over Camp Chen-A-Wanda: Marissa Holzman, Sofia Levy, Maya Porat, Alex Goldblatt, Billie Margulis, Lexi Greenblatt, Sylvia Millstein, Taylor Diamond, Owen Isaacson, Jonathan Hare, Asher Goldstein and Chase Schwartz.

Things Work Out Best For Those Who Make The Best Of How Things Work Out…By John Wooden

Middy Girls Tennis – CAW 1 vs. Island Lake 4

Middy Girls Soccer – CAW 2 vs. Westmont 4

Inter Girls Tennis – CAW 0 vs. Starlight 5

Inter Boys Basketball – CAW 41 @ Starlight 40

Collegiate Boys LAX – CAW 0 @ Wayne 18

Super/GC Boys Soccer Tourney @ Equinunk – CAW advanced to semi finals

We got mental tonight with our Mentalist David Levithain. The kids went bananas for the show tonight in Shields Hall. He read our minds and was able to pick a random camper, bring them on stage and wrote down their dads name and was RIGHT. If you didn’t see it with your own eyes, you wouldn’t believe it. Was it magic or was it real mind reading? Who knows but he entertained our camp tonight and just blew us all away. It was such a great show and a great ending to another amazing day!!
Chenny out