Camp Trips Rock

Tuesday at Chenny means it’s Trip Day and these days are always memorable and standout as a summer favorite. When you look back at your summers spent at camp, the days you leave and adventure out with your friends are always full of great memories and today was that day for all of our campers.

Our littlest kids (Freshman, Juniors and Middies) on camp spent their day at Camel Beach. They were so excited to board the buses this morning they could barely contain their energy. They were literally¬† jumping with joy. The kids were swimsuited up and ready to go.¬† They swooshed down the toilet bowl, got lazy down the lazy river, slipped down the slip and slide and got bounced off the giant bungee blob. They had an absolute ball today. When the buses rolled back into camp, these same darling kids that couldn’t contain their energy, were exhausted and could barely keep their eyes open. It was a perfect day and one they will always remember.

The Inters and Collegiates spent their day jumping around at Skyzone Trampoline Park. It was a two-hour jump-o-rama and they loved every minute. After being beautifully exhausted from jumping around it was off to the movies to catch a summer blockbuster. The kids sat munching on popcorn and zoning out as they were totally entertained. It was a perfect day for our mohican campers.

Seniors rolled in late tonight and had the biggest smiles on their faces because their first overnight at Hershey was the highlight of their summer.. so far. Every single Senior camper had the time of their life. But as we say in our own family, going away is awesome but there is nothing like coming home. So happy to have them all back.

Supers and GC’s had a packed day. They spent their morning at the State Park. They relaxed by the beach getting some sun rays and just chilling out. A perfect relaxing morning followed by an afternoon at Skate Escape where they roller-skated, played mini-golf and ran around playing laser tag all afternoon. To end their perfect day out, it was off to the movies to catch a summer blockbuster. They loved their fully packed day and we loved providing it to them. They rolled into camp late tonight and all were exhausted but has an incredible day out. Just another perfect summer day spent with great people. What more can anyone want??

All campers are safe and sound in their bunks, sleeping soundly from a day spent well. This is what it’s all about – playing hard and making memories that last a lifetime. Tomorrow is late wake-up and the extra sleep is very much appreciated by all. Chenny kids are living the dream.

Chenny out.