Boys Bring The Magic – Lip Sync 2019

Without a doubt, today was amazing. It was a regular day of activities for our campers and they enjoyed every minute of it. As the day went on, the temperature got hotter and everyone wanted to cool down. Our lake, pool and the Zone was the place to be. It was a beat the heat kind of day and it was exactly how you want to spend hot summers days, getting wet, eating ices and laughing with friends. Another idea Chenny day.

The successful warrior is the average man, with laser-like focus… Bruce Lee

Senior Girls Tennis – CAW 5 vs Tioga 0

Freshman/Junior/Middies Boys Tennis – CAW 0 @ Wayne 5

Inter Boys Soccer – CAW 1 @ Lohikan 2

Collegiate Boys Tennis – CAW 5 @ Lohikan 2

Senior Boys Baseball – CAW 16 vs. Starlight 21

Senior/Super Boys Hockey – CAW 7 @ Wayne 12

The night belonged to Boys side with an amazing Boys Lip Sync at  Camp Chen-A-Wanda. We always hear from parents that their boy just won’t get up and dance and every year not a single boy opts out as they come together with their division, lip sync, dance and have an amazing time. From the cutest and most adorable Freshman through the emotional and impactful CIT’s, these boys put on one heck a show. The entire Shields Hall was mesmerized as they watched, clapped and sang along with the boys on stage. I looked out at the crowd who all had smiles from ear-to-ear as they supported each other. It is the absolute best part of camp watching the support we give each other. We call it Chenny Pride but call it whatever you want, it is how we become family to one another. To see boys let loose, dance in front a packed house with such confidence and joy is awe inspiring. This type of outlet for our boys is just plain inspirational.  We had to choose the winner of Boys Lip Sync 2019 and for lower camp it went to Middy Mania and for upper camp the win went to the GC’s. Those boys put on quite a dance and deserved the win. Though the GC’s brought home the “W” it was the CIT boys who stole our hearts. After the CIT’s were done with their dance they all sat on the stage arm in arm as Andrew Grisack and Sam Tell spoke these words.

Hello everyone. My name is AJ Grisack. I am proud to say that this is my tenth summer at Camp Chen a Wanda. Pulling through the gates as a six year old, I never imagined what this place would mean to me nor did I know the impact it would have on my life. I’ve spent my entire childhood growing up and becoming the person I am today here at my second home. I can’t thank Jon, Elisa, Gary, and the Leahy’s enough for all they have done to create the best summers of my life. Camp Chen A Wanda has introduced me to twenty people I will forever call my best friends. Over the years, we have created millions of memories that will be with us for our lifetimes. There is a common saying that time flies in a blink of an eye, and I never truly believed it until I arrived at camp for my last camper summer just a few weeks ago. It feels like it was just yesterday when I walked into bunk A and was introduced to strangers that I can now call my lifelong friends. When I say this place has shaped me into the person I am today, it is because of all the experience and moments that I have had here. From all the lessons learned at boys lineup, to late night talks with friends and counselors, the life lessons are endless. Camp has taught me to truly be myself and not someone I’m not. Here I have learned to be a teammate, A leader, a role model, and above all, a friend. There’s nowhere else I’ve ever felt so welcomed and loved unconditionally.

Coming from a city where practically no one goes to sleep away camp, I’ve always felt very fortunate and proud to share my camp stories with home friends. I am able to truly appreciate the gift that has been given to me by attending Camp Chen A Wanda, and even more so because so many of my home friends envy my summer home. So my first piece of advice is to sit back and truly be grateful for being here, because there are many kids that wish they were where you are.

My second piece of advice to everyone sitting in this room is to appreciate every minute you have within these gates. Wake up every morning looking forward to the day you have. Spend time with your friends, talk with your counselors, and make the best out of every activity, because in the blink of an eye, you will be pulling out of these gates for the last time as a camper.

Even though our camper days are coming to an end, you guys will always be my brothers. Our Chenny days aren’t over just yet, so lets make the most of these next few weeks. I don’t know where or who I would be without you. I love you guys.

That says it all.  Life is GREAT at Camp Chen-A-Wanda!!

Chenny Out