There is No “I” in Team

Victory is defined by the effort of every single member of the team. When you do your very best, it develops a confidence that shines from the inside out. Our kids were champions today, not for the ultimate win or loss but how hard they played and how much they supported their team. Every field and every court was packed with kids playing their heart out and if they weren’t playing, they were cheering on their team. It was a sight to see. The spirit, the sportsmanship and the effort was on hight today.  When you walk around camp, in the midst of hearing all the chants and cheers during all the games, you also heard “great job, amazing effort, proud of you.”

Tonight was Apache Relay and everyone from our Freshmen campers to our CIT’s, play an integral role.  Each individual makes up the team and everyone counts.  No matter if you leap frogged from the Lake to Arts & Crafts, had to completely cover a piece of oak tag with paint, sew a button on a shirt or ride a bike to the finish line, the team depended on you. Tonight, Blue Haiti finished Apache by hitting that pole first only to be followed by Gold Portugal 3 minutes later and Red Switzerland bringing in 3rd place.  The intensity around the flag pole at the end of Apache in indescribable. There was a sea of Red, Gold and Blue cheering on their team and the pride is tangible. The dedication, the camaraderie, the spirit and the teamwork are in full force and we could not possibly be more proud of our kids. They displayed the best parts of humanity during todays games and Apache Relay. Inspiring is the word that comes to mind.

When all is said and done, it’s not the shots that won the championship that we will remember, or the home runs that matter but the way we treat one another and the respect we all have for our Olympic Games. All of our campers are sleeping peacefully as they rest their bodies for the last day of Olympics 2018. It all comes down to SING!!!

Chenny Out