Red Switzerland Wins Olympics 2018

After two and a half intense days of Olympic games, Red Switzerland brought home the victory. The morning was full of games and the Olympic spirit was strong. Everyone gave it all they had. No matter if it was a game of steal the bacon, kickball or basketball the intensity and desire to win was there. Each team fought a great battle to the very end.

After a full day of games and track meets, the scores were too close to call and in true Olympic spirit, IT ALL COMES DOWN TO SING. We loaded into Shields Hall tonight and each team presented their plaque and banner.  The artwork was spectacular and will forever be a part of Chen-A-Wanda Olympic history, as we proudly will display them for years to come. Each team presented a Cheer, an Alma Mater and a March for the judges.  The lyrics they wrote and sang, the meaning and the heart in which they were performed made everyone in the Shields Hall feel as if they were part of something special. All singing in unison, these words will never be forgotten and will leave an indelible mark on all of us. To be present for such a display of sportsmanship, honor and camp pride is quite humbling. It was the following phrase, written and sung by Red Switzerland in their Alma Mater that so perfectly relayed the feelings we all felt today:

Two weeks gone in the blink of an eye.. Only five left to be with you..Without you what will we do? We cannot stop the hands of time and soon we will want to press rewind. SO hold my hand and please don’t let go.. Ooh Chenny my summer home. This special place we call our own. Memories we will keep .. without you we don’t know who we would be. 

What made this summers’ Olympic games so special was to see the elation of each team member on Red Switzerland as they worked so hard over the past few days and reached their goals.  There were tears of joy for winning and there was heartache of defeat for the teams that didn’t win but in the end these three separate teams came back together as one camp family and showed respect for the games and honor for one another. We played fair, we played hard, we played with integrity and most importantly we had so much fun. With our Olympic games, there will always be a victorious team, but everyone in Shields Hall won tonight.  After the winning team was announced, the energy inside the Hall was unreal. The spirit and elation could have literally moved a mountain. Your children experienced something insanely magical tonight which will be hard to explain to you at home but will forever be a part of who they are here at Chenny.

It will be hard to come down from our incredible night we all just experienced but tonight your children will sleep well. It’s late wake-up tomorrow and the kids couldn’t be happier. Olympics 2018 is in the books and boy was it a great one. Life is so Great at Camp Chen-A-Wanda.

Chenny out.