Olympics 2018

It was an absolutely gorgeous day today.  The sun was out and there was a chill in the air. After the heat wave, it couldn’t have been a more ideal day here.  It was kind of a cozy sweatshirt day with the bluest sky you have ever seen.  The buzz around camp was all about Olympics and when it would break. There were assumptions it was today but everyone knows there are just no guarantees of when it would break. The anticipation was driving everyone nuts as a rumor spread throughout camp that this year, we were changing things up and not having Olympics. It spread like wildfire that Summer 2018 would be Olympic-less. Every bugle or announcement was examined with caution.. Was it true or was it false.. The wait was real.

“Do Not Let What You Cannot Do Interfere with What You Can Do” – John Wooden

Inter Girls Soccer – CAW 2 vs. Starlight 3

Super Girls Softball – CAW 16 vs. Wayne 1

Collegiate Boys Baseball – CAW 7 vs. Westmont 9

Collegiate/Senior/Super Boys LAX – CAW 5 vs. Starlight 9

GC/CIT Boys Soccer – CAW 1 vs. Westmont 4

Just when kids were begging to know if the rumor mill were true, it happened. The Olympic Fanfare music starting to play and with that first note, there were chants and cheers, OLYMPICS 2018 IS HERE!! The campers ran to Shields Hall and it was happening.  Our Head Counselors entered the Hall and brought the torch inside which signifies the games are starting.  Our camp is now split in three equal teams, RED Switzerland, BLUE Haiti and GOLD Portugal.

Just when we thought that camp could not possibly get any better, Olympics takes us to a whole new level. Tonight was a great night as we started our battle with Tugs of War. You could see the intensity on every campers face as they pulled that rope. The spirit is off the charts at Chenny. LET THE GAMES BEGIN!

Chenny out