The Good Life

When I refer to us as a family, I am truly not exaggerating and need to share what happened today that is the perfect example of why we are all so deeply connected to one another. During lunch today, the kids were loving eating the most delicious meatball subs when I we heard from our travel Director that was with the GC’s on their way back to camp, they would be rolling into camp in 10 minutes. I started sharing that news with some Head Staff to get them in position to greet our GC’s as they rolled back into Chenny after their amazing trip out West. Well, what happened next, took my breath away. Kids were hurrying and rushing to finish their lunch so they too could greet the GC’s. All you heard throughout the Lodge was, “The GC’s are back.. Hurry…we have to meet the bus when they get back to camp.”  There was such an excitement and eagerness for our entire camp family to welcome our GC’s back with open arms, it was just incredible to witness. They were welcomed with cheers and hugs, they were embraced and missed. From the freshman to the CIT’s, they all wanted and actually needed to be there when they came back home. And when those kids came of the bus, it felt like a part of family was right back where they should be. It is always great going away on vacation but there is nothing quite like coming back home. The relationships we create are real and strong and stand the test of time. It was a special moment and I am always so grateful to get to watch the beautiful things your kids for one another all summer long.

And straight from Sports Center:

Inter Girls Basketball – CAW 20 vs. Lohikan 12 – CHENNY GOING TO CHAMPIONSHIP GAME!

Collegiate Girls Basketball – CAW 32 @ Westmont 30 – CHENNY GOING TO CHAMPIONSHIP GAME!

Dance Comp @ Tyler Hill – Chenny Places 3rd for Lower Camp Dance

Freshman/Junior Boys Soccer Tourney @ Towanda – Game 1 CAW 0 vs. Towanda 4  Game 2 CAW 1 vs. Island Lake 2

Middy/Inter Boys LAX  – CAW 2 @ Towanda 8

Collegiate Boys Tennis – CAW 1 vs. Starlight 4

Our Supers are still on their trip through Boston and they are loving their experiences on the road. They shopped and ate and experienced Boston in all of its glory. There were Duck Tours and Harvard Yard, shows and more. They are just loving this trip and having the absolute time of their lives.

We surprised our incredible CIT’s today with a mystery trip and as they began their day, we had them running throughout camp following clues and hints to what might be happening… or or what might not be happening. With each passing clue, they got more confused and more excited… The anticipation was building and at 2:30pm, we finally brought them all into the Chen-A-Plex and announced that Yes, TODAY is the day for their mystery trip. We started playing a One Republic song and they went nuts.. They had exactly one hour to get ready for a summer concert at Montage Mountain and they were beyond excited. Screams, and cheers could be heard all throughout camp. They ran to the Hill, got ready and off they went. A night they will not soon forget. They danced and sang and were arm in arm together under the stars listening to music with their best friends by their side. It was a magical night and we were so beyond happy to give this gift to our incredible CIT’s as they are two weeks away from their camper years coming to an end. Their journey has been a remarkable one and tonight was definitely the cherry on top of this amazing summer.

Chenny out.