The Muddier The Better

When the big kids are away… the little kids will play. As the Collegiates were having a great time at Great Wolf Lodge, Seniors were enjoying their trip to Hershey Park, Supers loved their time in Boston as they toured Fenway park and hung out at Harvard Square and our Wanderers spent their last day in Phoenix before they return to camp tomorrow afternoon. Our Freshmen through Inters had camp all to themselves and had an amazing day here. It was lower camp takeover with our camp favorite Color Mudder and our youngest campers had the absolute greatest day. They all ran the course that included a giant mud pit that they loved. It was squishy and icky and muddy and awesome. They army crawled through the pit and mud was everywhere. They couldn’t get dirtier and it was incredible. After they were head-to-toe in mud it was off to get colored with neon color powder that stick to their muddy messy clothes and everywhere else you can imagine. Then it was off the lake to take a dip and get that mud off as best they could. They campers loved todays events and the messier and dirtier the better. Where is the world can our kids be encouraged to slop mud all over them, jump into the mess, get your clothes dirty without a worry in the world? It happened today at camp and it was AWESOME!

The big event of the day was Wiffle Cup 2017. Boys side was dressed in all black and girls side was everything neon. This game was a nail biter as girls side jumped ahead to an early double digit lead. The girls were hitting dinger after dinger and their defense was great so they held boys side off until the tide turned and boys side caught up. They played 6 innings and it came down to the very last out as Bret Schuster hit a homerun which gave them  a 27 vs. 26 victory. Boys side went crazy and they are the official Wiffle Cup 2017 Champions!!!

Girls Side Payers: Abby Bussel, Elizabeth Kamelhar, Annie Isaacson, Samara Goldman, Brooke Gordon, Lola Housenbold, Sammy Keane, Lexi Nelson, Sloane Pariser, Sammy Leon

Boys Side Players: Max Coffman, Jake Mongeluzo, Logan Hoffman, Max Eber, Austin Bernstein, Ethan Mallah, Alex Berger, Brett Schuster, Jack Bazarnik, Jason Kimmelman

MVP for girls side – Elizabeth Kamelhar who had an incredible defensive presence on the field and it happened to be her birthday so she had one awesome day today.  MVP for Boys Side was Ethan Mallah who hit 2 HR’s and had amazing defense today.

Our Collegiates and Senior campers are back home after their awesome trips to Great Wolf Lodge and Hershey Park. It was a perfect summer day and all are back in their bunks as everyone is looking forward to late wake up tomorrow!!!!  The GC’s enjoyed their last day in Phoenix and are headed home and we can’t wait to hear all about their amazing trip they just took. Our CIT’s spent their day off at the largest indoor Waterpark in America, Kalahari and they had the absolute best time.  It just doesn’t get better than this for our Chenny kids!! It was busy and fun trip day for our oldest campers who love the trips but nothings quite like coming back home… We are just waiting for our GC’s to arrive back in the morning, and for our Supers who are having a great time in Boston to come back on Thursday and then this Chenny family will be complete and whole again.

Chenny out