Full House

Conflict resolution happens daily here and those moments and opportunities present themselves and allow your kids to practice this incredibly necessary life skill. If we could hand our children confidence or gift them the ability to resolve conflict with ease and effectiveness, we all would but being presented these opportunities truly are how our children learn the how to navigate harder moments in their life. There isn’t a day that goes by that kids don’t practice this necessary skill and I was blown away when a group of girls came to me needing some help. A few girls were upset and felt their friends would leave them to hang with the boys during free play and they truly didn’t know how to relay their feelings so they needed support. I gave them some guidance and told them to speak from their heart but communicating is the only way to make this better. The nerves were high as confronting is hard for anyone let alone for kids who spend 10 months texting rather than talking. They wanted me there to help start the conversation and this amazing group of girls sat in a circle and shared how they felt. They started by saying how important they are to one another but they felt left behind and sad about it and the girls were overwhelmed with support and understanding. They had no idea that their actions of hanging with the boys during freeplay would cause any distress in their friends so with communication came understanding, with talking came empathy, with being honest with how we feel brings our friends closer. I sat back and watched and was amazed how this group of girls spoke form their heart and worked through an issue that was a huge mountain at the beginning and became a seamless stream of empathetic conversation that brought these girls closer together. That is how it happens. Given the opportunity, your kids step up and get through the moments they fret with grace and dignity. Life skills at work here that will be embedded in your kids for the rest of their life.

We participated in the Lokanda Cup Hockey Tournament – CAW went o for 3 but had a great time.

GC/CIT Girls LAX – CAW 10 @ Starlight 15

GC/CIT Girls Softball – CAW 1 @ Westmont 4

GC/CIT Boys Softball – CAW 8 @ Westmont 7

Our Supers got back from traveling throughout Boston tonight exhausted and exhilarated. More than the places they visited or the things they did, it was traveling together as a group that made this trip so special. All of these kids have been together summer after summer and to get to experience these past four days as a true summer family traveling to amazing places helps create the bonds that ties them together so tightly. They come back to camp more connected to one another and that time alone just with their division creates something incredibly special that  just cant be denied. Campers may come to Chen-A-Wanda for the stuff thats here when they begin their sleep away journey but they stay because of he friendships they make and develop summer after summer. This trips success is a testament to how powerful these relationships are and it only gets better from here.

Tonights evening activity was Soccer-amma Boys Side vs. Girls Side. This is a our staff soccer game under the lights and the spirit was high. the game was intense but equally as awesome was the dance halftime show, the giveaways throughout the entire game and all of camp breaking out in the biggest zumba party you could ever imagine. Girls side was victorious with a 12-8 win over boys side but we all were winners as this event was just a blast to be at.

So tonight we are all in and our house is full again. Campers are safe and sound back in their bunks, exhausted from a day spent well and are sleeping peacefully knowing that tomorrow is late wake-up and Brunch day. We all need that extra sleep and happy to have a few extra zzzzz’s.

Chenny out.