Living in the Moment

We all live pretty fast paced lives that seem to go by so quickly and at times our schedules seem to overtake us . Even our kids schedules have them on hyper speed as they go from school to activities to practices to games to tutors to hebrew school back home for homework then they do it all over again the next day. Rarely do they have time to slow it down and smell the roses, until they come here. Today Jon and I took their lead and we stopped what we were doing in our office and we just sat at the waterfront and watched your kids who encouraged us to slow it down, be in the moment and enjoy life. We watched a group of kids sitting in the canteen playing cards with one another laughing together and just being totally present and in the moment. From there we found ourselves mesmerized sitting with the Middy boys in the Lego room as they worked together creating works of art, worrying about absolutely nothing other than making a bigger and faster lego car. Everywhere you look at camp, you find campers just enjoying the moment and feeling free. It is joyful to be around and a feeling of pride knowing so many kids get to experience this up here at Camp Chen-A-Wanda. Your children are in the moment here and this is magic they spread all throughout camp.

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take……by Wayne Gretzky

Middy/Inter Girls LAX – CAW 11 vs. Wayne 6

Jr/Middie/Inter Barsal Cup @ Camp Lokanda – Game 1 CAW 2 vs. Lokanda 3 / Game 2 CAW 2 vs. Equinunk 4

It was a perfect night of Round Robin here. There was Trivia night for our Freshman kids while Junior girls enjoyed Spa Night. The Junior boys had a basketball skill challenge in Shields Hall  while all the Middies enjoyed a fun black light party in the canteen. The Inter boys loved their Home Run Derby at the Wiffle ball stadium. Inter girls had a crazy fun time in the Lodge decorating cakes while the Collegiates and Seniors enjoyed a relaxing pool party.  The Super girls went on a scavenger hunt which the loved.. and the Super boys had their own Biddy Bball tournament.  The GC’s palyed co-ed arrow tag at teh Zone and the CIT’s had a night out for shakes at Arlos. It was beyond perfect and we are only halfway through summer 🙂

Chenny out.