You can’t escape the excitement of what is happening tomorrow. Everyone is getting so very excited to see their families and the feeling here is palpable.  The kids just could not be more excited to see you and the day was spent getting our summer home ready for you. The campers made signs, cleaned their bunks and made everything just perfect for your arrival. No amount of heat will spoil our day. We learn a lot here at Chenny every single day and going with the flow is one of many lessons we embrace – we can’t control the heat but we can and will certainly enjoy the best day of the summer..VISITING DAY IS HERE!

Being Positive Won’t Guarantee You Will Succeed But Being Negative Will Guarantee You Won’t.. by Anonymous

Freshman/Junior Girls Basketball – CAW 16 vs. Starlight 0

Collegiate Girls Tennis – CAW 9 vs. Lohikan 0

Senior Girls Tennis – CAW 0 vs. Wayne 5

Super Girls Soccer – CAW 5 vs. Nesher 1

Inter Boys Softball – CAW 0 @ Westmont 1

Inter Boys Basketball – CAW 16 vs. Lavi 34

Collegiate Boys Hockey – CAW 5 vs. Nesher 11

Senior/Super Boys LAX  – CAW 16 vs. Lohikan 6

GC/CIT Boys Hockey – CAW 10 @ Wayne 4

GC/CIT Boys Soccer – CAW 2 vs. Wayne 1

We honored our Campers of the Week and we are so thrilled to give these campers their very well deserved Camper of the week Sunglasses. The kids wear them with pride and you should have a very proud parent moment!! You have amazing campers with incredible character. Enjoy your Campers of the week tomorrow. #PROUD

Freshman – Fiona Baldinger & Asher Goldstein

Juniors – Jordana Poplock & Jack Zaben

Middies – Mia Koenig & Alex Minkoff

Inters – Lola Housenbold & Max Eber

Collegiates – Sofia Levy & Alec Glazer

Seniors – Taylor Klein & Jacob Pinsk

Supers –Bari Klein & Sean Pesner

GC’s – Lily Staz & Jared Simpson

CIT’s – Sydney Guerwicz & Dylan Bortnick

We Got Kirshed tonight!! It was a great night in Shields Hall as the kids loved being a part of our hypnotist/mentalist show. They laughed and watched the world famous Kirsh hypnotize our counselors as they were definitely were under the power of suggestion as they danced like J Lo and barked like a dog. It was hilarious and a perfect evening camp activity.

All the kids are in their bunks and lights are out throughout camp. We are just hours away from one incredible day ahead of all of us. Safe journey to camp and we can’t wait to see you in the am.

Chenny out