This is Chenny Idol

Time again to honor our kind campers and boy do they love hearing their names being called. It has to be my most favorite award here at camp. To be nominated by your peers for your kindness is an honor that defines great character. To be identified as kind is to be inclusive and supportive and the examples your children write about their friends they nominate warms my heart. It actually gives us great hope that this generation chooses kindness and can recognize acts of kindness that promote inclusion and just making others around them feel really good. Kindness is contagious and we love it. It’s cool to be kind at Camp Chen-A-Wanda. So super proud of our kind kids this week. Roxie Bishop, Alexa Becker, Sophie Hornik, Mandy Adler, Caylee Garland, Jordyn Kapusta, Jordana Yatch, Madison Rosen, Hadley Cohen, Jessica Marks, Averie Katz, Hayden Bergerm Remo Zaben, Ben Brandoff, Aiden Cheung, Tyler Roth, Jordan Shamus and Jake LaRosa

What you are as a person is far more important than what you are as a basketball player….. by John Wooden

Freshman/Junior Boys baseball – CAW 6 @ Westmont 2

Middy Boys Hockey – CAW 4 vs. Westmont 5

GC/CIT Boys Softball – CAW 9 vs. Tioga 3

The buzz around camp today was all about Chenny Idol. The auditions are done and tonight we announced the Top 10. The excitement was building and the campers were feeling it. We have so many incredibly talented kids here – they blew us away with their beautiful voices and amazing auditions. Each one of our Top 10 contestants will move on to the live show where they will perform one song in hopes to be crowned our 2019 Chenny Idol. The competition was tough but our celebrity judges finalized who would move on to the live show. A huge congratulations to this years Top 10!

  1. Lexi Klein & Audrey Winter
  2. Dylan Bass
  3. Emma Goldenberg
  4. Maya Knobloch
  5. Addy Goldstein
  6. Jessica Marks
  7. Sydney Gurewicz
  8. Isabella Huttner & Hadley Cohen
  9. Rock Paper Scissors – Elon Dagan, Sean Pesner & Jordan Goldklang
  10. Laine Bishop

We lift each other up here and that happens on the daily. As the kids were headed back to the bunk, some of the kids who auditioned but didn’t make it to the finals were being supported bu their bunkmates. I overheard several campers say to their friends how great they were and much they loved their voice. One little girl asked her friend to sing her to sleep tonight because she has such a pretty voice. It’s what happens here – total and complete support of one another. We have each other’s back for the highs and the lows. It is why camp friends understand us better than most and why these friendships are life-long.

Chenny out