Kindness Rules

It’s hot up here but we definitely know how to keep cool. Our campers were well hydrated, sun screened to the gill, spent the day in water, ran in in sprinklers and all around had a day of play being wet. Sure it was a heat wave but that didn’t stop us. Chenny kids have things to do and heat or no heat, we are ready to play!

Kindness matters here and it is my absolute pleasure reading every single nomination. I get chills upon chills when I see a camper nominate a person they want to recognize for their kindness. One camper wrote about a friend she nominated, “You have to pick her for Kind Camper this week because she is the overall nicest person I have ever met. She puts a smile on everyones face, everyday. She makes me feel safe and is always inclusive. She would only say positive things about people and she inspires everyone to be better. Her heart is made of gold and she is the definition of a kind person.” Your kids are nominating people who make a difference and it is an honor to call them out and highlight their greatness. Congratulations to outstanding kind campers. They are the best example of what goodness is. If your child is listed below.. kudos to you because your children are amazing people. There is no bigger compliment than for your peers to see you as a kind person. It’s Cool To Be Kind!

Parker Margulis, Ava Lefkowitz, Abby Leeds, Sammie Keane, Sammie Seldon, Hayden Garland, Gabby Hoffman, Alexa Haber, Eve Lindenauer, Talia Kaplan, Bari Klein, Evan Marcus, Asher Slotkin, Jake Shiffman, Kobe Koren

Win, lose or draw, Chenny Kids give it their all!

Collegiate Girls Softball – CAW 1 @ Poyntelle 11

Senior/Super Girls LAX – CAW 5 @ Lohikan 8

GC/CIT Girls Soccer – CAW 2 vs. Wayne 4

Freshman/Junior Boys Baseball – CAW 0 @ Wayne 4

Middy Boys Soccer – CAW 0 @ Wayne 3

It was Round Robin tonight and the kids had the absolute best time ever. Our Freshman Girls were busy with decorating cakes and the Freshman Boys spent their night at the Chenny Shack making Pizza’s. The Juniors had an amazing time playing a camp fav, Quest. Middy Boys were loving their Biddy tourney at Biddy City and the Middy Girls  loved Cake Wars. All the Inters and Collegiates had a great time at their pool party. Senior boys enjoyed Ultimate Frisbee Challenge while the Senior Girls were in the Chen-A-Plex watching a fun summer flick. The Supers had an insane evening at their Slip N’Slide Foam Party while the GC’s Tailgated. Our CIT’s got off camp and spent their night at Arlos enjoying Milkshakes and ice cream sundaes.

When you think it can’t possibly get any better, it does!!!!

Life is great at Chenny 🙂

Chenny out.