It’s Good to be a Chenny CIT

We surprised our CIT’s this morning with a quasi strange packing list (to throw them off) and 10 minutes to grab and go. With no idea where they were headed. The excitement was building and the suspense was intense. Lots of guessing and half the fun was watching them wrack their brains on where they were heading. They boarded the bus and off they went. After a few stops along the way, they arrived at their destination and it became clear they were camping. The CIT’s hiked to a beautiful waterfall, swam in a crystal cool lake, pitched their own tents, cooked their own dinner, sang songs and told stories around the campfire. It was an incredible day our kids had and they deserved every minute of it. Good old fashioned fun and they will never forget the day they were surprised with a camping trip in their CIT summer!

Camp presents such a creative outlet for our kids to play and I have to share how much fun our Middy girls had building a spa right in Bunk F. The girls invited me to their bunk during rest hour and it was transformed into a peaceful, restful spa. There was a reception desk, a few spa mangers and of course a ton of technicians. I made my appointment and off I went to get my mani and facial. These girls created Relax.Inc. and it was relaxing. They had relaxing spa music and tons of customers who came to their bunk for services. They offered manicures, pedicures, makeup, hair styling, facials and more. I cannot fully explain how sweet it was to see your kids play spa and not to mention they know how to give an incredible manicure. It was sweet, it was creative, it was cooperation and it was incredible. Word has spread about the spa at Bunk F and the middy girls were ecstatic. I overheard one of them say to another that her books were full and they may need to be open up another spa. Entrepreneurs in training and it looks like Relax.Inc may become a franchise.


We play hard and We play humble.. Chenny athletes Rock!

Freshman/Junior Girls Soccer – CAW 3 @ Wayne 4

Fresh/Junior/Middy Boys LAX  – CAW 11 vs. Westmont 8

Middy Boys Tennis – CAW 5 @ Poyntell 0

Inter Boys Baseball   – CAW 5 vs. Lohikan 0

Collegiate Boys Basketball – CAW 38 vs Lavi 58

Senior/Super Boys Hockey – CAW 11 @ Wayne 8

Senior Boys Baseball – CAW 15 vs. Lohikan 0

With the weather still hot, our campers were either in the pool, lake or inside air conditioned buildings today. The kids had a ball today and we beat the heat. It looks as if the heat wave has ended and tonight a cool breeze came over camp. There was a chill in the air and happy campers all around. We live in a city with happy people and positive vibes. Even high temperatures just can’t take away our mojo here at Chenny. We go with flow and see where it takes us. Life is Great!

Chenny out