England Wins

Part of this incredible experience is our cultural exchange with counselors that come from other countries. Our kids learn so much from people who may live completely different lives than they do. Different foods, different customs, different experiences and all these exchanges opens up a totally new world to our kids. Our international staff add so much value to our experience that it would be hard to imagine a summer without these incredible talented, kind, loving and committed people. My daughters have perfected an English accent and have been so positively effected from their counselors from across the pond. When we are open to people that may not be just like us, we have opened up a whole new world to our children and they are better people because of it. England played in todays Fifa World Cup and our campers got behind them. Our British staff was beyond excited about todays game – some even painted their faces with the UK flag on it. The spirit was insane today and when it was game time, it was all about England. We cheered together, we held hands with nerves together when the game went into overtime. We felt the same intense feeling watching this game together. The game ended in a tie which made it that more intense. There was a shoot out and England won 4-3. You can’t imagine how we blew the roof off this house with excitement. We ALL got behind England and celebrated together. Even the campers who may not have paid much attention to this game but it was England they were rooting for. It was the country of their counselors and there wasn’t a camper who didn’t feel the excitement and cheered with them. We are one family here and when we expose the world to our kids, the world becomes a place our kids feel safe in. That place that is so far away is right here next to us and always will be.


“Sometimes, things may not go your way, but the effort should be there every single game.” – Michael Jordan

Collegiate Girls Soccer – CAW 8 @ Poyntelle 1

Senior Girls Tennis – CAW 4 @ Lohikan 1

Senior Girls Tennis – CAW 1 @ Poyntelle 9

Super Girls Tennis – CAW 5 @ Lohikan 0

Middy Boy Basketball – CAW 21 vs. Nesher 7

Collegiate Boys Hockey – CAW 10 @ Starlight 2

Senior Boys Tennis – CAW 4 vs. Lohikan 1

We surveyed 100 people what the absolute best and most awesome camp is and the top answer is on the board…. CAMP CHEN-A-WANDA!! We played Family Feud tonight and the kids LOVED it. It was Boys vs. Girls and the game was close all the way through . Girls squeaked out a win by 1 point. The campers belly laughed, yelled out answers to the contestants and shouted out when they got an X. It was so interactive and all the questions were based on everything Chenny.

Chenny out!