The Heat is ON!

With the temperatures raising, it was all about getting in the water. There wasn’t a camper on camp that wasn’t in the pool, lake or just getting drenched with water. Everyone was wet and happy. We were cool, wet and having a great day getting soaked.

Sports… Sports….Sports and more Sports….

Inter Girls Tennis – CAW 4 @ Tioga 1

Inter Girls Softball – CAW 6 @ Tioga 5

Collegiate Girls Tennis – CAW 1 @ Westmont 4

GC/CIT Softball – CAW 9 @ Tioga 2

Middy Boys Baseball – CAW 9 vs. Island Lake 2

Middy Boys Hockey – CAW 7 @ Wayne 6

Collegiate Boys Tennis – CAW 2 vs, Island Lake 3

At evening line-up we announced our Camper’s of the Week. There is nothing quite like hearing your name being called knowing that you have done a great job this week. These campers earned it and deserve it. Congratulations to these outstanding campers!! We are so very proud of you.

Freshmen                     Lexi Liberman                 Nate Wellikof

Juniors                          Billie Margulis                 Jed Schissler

Middies                          Lola Housenbold            Jordan Klatsky

Inters                             Jillian Shohet                   Jacob Coffman

Collegiates                     Sammi Leon                  Logan Salzman

Seniors                           Cassidy Reese                  Alex Frank

Supers                            Morgan Klein                  Bradley Luts

GC’s                                Rachel Novick                  Aaron Platt

CIT’s                               Maya Cohen                     Benji Herzog

When you say Nancy Tucker to any camper anywhere, they start to smile, jump up and down and say, “I Love Nancy Tucker”. Nancy Tucker was in the house. Nancy is an old school folk music singer that entertains us with her FAMOUS songs like, One Meatball, Jellyfish, Buttons Buttons and her most popular Habitat.. Each one comes with its own hand movements that everyone knows and if they didn’t know it, they do now. I truly can’t explain what Shields Hall looked like tonight with every camper singing along with the very famous Nancy Tucker at Chenny! There is just no doubt that Nancy Tucker nights will never be forgotten and her songs will forever be part of your children’s Chenny experience.

Chenny out.