Day 2 and we're flying high

At 7:45am, your kids were woken up to the bugles playing  reiville throughout camp and for the next 49 days they will hear Associate Director Brian Leahy call out, “Goooooooood Mooooooooorning Camp Chen-A-Wanda. There is truly no better way to wake up than to hear that announcement. The air was crisp and cool and everyone rolled out of their beds in their pajamas and went straight into The Lodge for breakfast. You know you are home when you head straight to breakfast in your jammies.

The afternoon was spent in activities as Arts & Crafts was full of campers making friendship bracelets and rainbow looms,  soccer fields and courts  were busy with games, the Cookhouse was packed with campers making delicious treats and kids were rocking out in The School of Rock. It was great to get activities underway and the campers loved their first full day of camp. Dinner was a blast with a sing-a-long session that could blow the roof off the building. Singing in unison all together in the Lodge is one of the greatest experiences we all have together. Throughout the day, we are all doing different activities and having different experiences but when all eat together and sing the same songs, it unites us and creates connections that just feel so good inside. The Lodge has a personality of its own and we are so lucky to get to experience this three times a day.

It was a magical night in Shields Hall as master illusionist Elliott Zimmet entertained us with his tricks that blew our minds. He made tables elevate and birds appear in front of our eyes. We were in shock as each illusion unfolded and loved the show. As the campers headed off to bed, we were all still scratching our heads and asking, how did he do that???? It was a great night. There is no trick or illusion here; tomorrow we get to wake up the bugles, hear Brian’s Goooood Moooorning annoouncement and have another awesome day at Camp Chen-A-Wanda.

Chenny Out.