It's Official… Summer 2015 is Underway

After all the countdowns and get togethers, preparing and packing, play dates and sleepovers, Camp is finally here. I sit in awe of each of our families as I watch you hug your campers so tight, tell them how much you will miss them this summer and send them on their way. ¬†You have given them a gift that will enhance and change their lives forever. What lies ahead of every single one of them is magical and life changing. They will make new friends and try new things they thought never would. They will laugh and they will cry. They will sing and they will dance. They will find their voice and they will gain confidence and a sense of independence they didn’t know they had. They will win and they will loose. They will be part of a summer family that will change the way they view the world. They will make friends with people from all around the world who will inspire them to be the best they can be. They will navigate their way through this amazing place they will call home for the next 50 days. Your kids journey starts today!!!

No amount of rain can damper the spirit of this place and as your kids got off the buses, the returning campers jumped into the arms of their friends and hugs to the familiar staffers they have missed all year long. Our new campers were met with open arms and an excitement that was contagious. The campers got checked for lice before running to they bunks to see where they will be living for the next seven weeks. Since the rain didn’t allow for outside play, it was hanging in the bunks for an afternoon of getting to know you or reconnecting. Card games and mad libs were out in full force and real life connecting was in motion. Tagging on Instagram was quickly replaced with real face-to-face conversations and Likes on Facebook pails in comparison to holding hands and piggyback rides. It was afternoon full of connecting, what our children crave and so desperately deserve.

After our bellies were full of delicious food from dinner it was time for a true Chenny dance party and that is exactly what we did. We boogied down and danced on the tables. We sang out loud and let loose. This is what we all do at Camp Chen-A-Wanda, we sing loud and dance without hesitation. The energy in The Lodge was electric and the mood was insanely fun. Your kids let loose tonight and it was AWESOME!!!!

Thank you for the bottom of our hearts for sharing your beautiful children with us. They are the heart and soul of this place and the minute they rolled through our gates, camp began too beat.

Life just got Great at Camp Chen-A-Wanda.

Chenny Out!!!