A Beautiful Day

Today was an awesome camp day as campers spent the day outside playing. There is truly no better sight to see than watching kids run around and play and that is exactly what your children did all day long. They had catches at center camp,  flag football games and gaga tournaments. They jumped into the lake, created works of art in Arts and Crafts and just had the greatest day. This is what our children crave and deserve and we are so happy to provide a place that playing outside all day with your friends exists.

It was a day of tryouts as our fields and courts were busy with kids playing their favorites sports. As I watched the junior girls tryout for the basketball team, it lifts my spirit to see kids get encouragement for trying and giving it their all. Some kids couldn’t reach the rim but the try was all we required. Coaches get behind each one of them and from their heart praise your children. That amount of sportsmanship and support is not always associated with youth sports but that is what we do here. To see the smiles on the campers faces as they learn new skills and try their best and are celebrated for it is priceless. To be a part of our sports program here is to play for the love of the game without pressure or stress. It’s magical and so necessary for our kids. You see them thrive when they are coached without criticism and praised for what they can do. Stay tuned as we post Wayne County Tournament scores on this blog as soon as games begin.

We had babies on the brain as our Associate Directors Brian and Laura Leahy had their baby’s gender revealed tonight in the Lodge during dinner. All of girls side were pretty in pink and Boys side were all wearing blue as each side waited to see what the Leahy’s are expecting this November.  Our Chef knew the gender and made a giant cake with the color pink or blue on the inside and when Brian and Laura cut into the cake to be surprised themselves, the entire Lodge was crazed with anticipation. There were chants from boys side and cheers from girls side and when Brian cut into the cake and held it up high, Girls side went nuts as they saw a pink piece of cake raised above his head. It’s a Girl for the Leahy’s. Our entire camp family made this reveal so much fun.

Love was in the air tonight in Shields Hall as we had our camp favorite evening activity, The Dating Game. There were bachelors and bachelorettes and it was hysterical. The questions were sweet and funny and the answers were even better. Some sang their responses and some even danced to get the crowds support. Everyone had a great time and Shields Hall was exploding with laughter. It was a great ending to to beautiful day.

Best news of the night… We get to do this again tomorrow.

Chenny out.