Rain or Shine – Chenny Is the Happiest Place On Earth

So it was a rainy start to our day but that doesn’t hold us back from the fun that is happening here at Chenny. We just put on our rain gear and get on with it. There is no time to waste as these 50 days spent here are cherished and we get every moment out of every day. No matter if we are inside playing jacks or in the Chen-A-Plex watching a movie, being together with our friends is all that matters. When there was a break in the rain, we couldn’t get outside fast enough. Sign and Song is coming up this Thursday evening so girls side was busy practicing their dances. Some even danced in the rain and if you have ever watched groups of kids dancing in the rain, it is a beautiful sight to see. There is a sense of freedom to jump in puddles not worrying for a moment that your shoes will get soaked or your clothes may get muddy. I am always amazed as I get inspired by your children summer after summer that for 10 months I avoid those puddles but for 2 months, I find joy as I jump right in. Living amongst all these children reminds us to play and laugh even in the rain.

It was Bingo night tonight and I cant quite explain the amount of fun that we all had tonight playing a game that is not plugged in or lit up or needing batteries. Everyone was engaged and having the time of their lives. If you could imagine a room full of insanely engaged kids having the best time with bingo cards, the most fun prizes up for grab and the best most positive energy – it was electric, it was off the charts fun and it was one of the best nights we’ve had yet. Your children have a spirit that is brilliant and uplifting and we love every minute we spend them. ¬†Tonight was one for the books as Bingo is now all of our favorite game. Your kids are having the time of their lives up here at Camp Chen-A-Wanda and it’s only day 3!!!

Chenny out.