Here Comes The Sun

Today was our first day of uninterrupted activities and it was awesome. The excitement was palpable and the kids were ready. The bugle blew and they were off. It was like the department stores doors opening on black Friday. They couldn’t get to the fields, courts, school of rock, dance studio quick enough. We had kids who were ready to play and play hard. Everyone is settling into their summer home and though we all had a great time in the rain, we are definitely ready for the stretch of sun that is headed our way. Knowing how much fun we’ve had with grey skies, you can imagine the feeling at Chenny with the sun shining down on us. We are ready for the heat, ready to pile on the sunscreen and definitely ready for the beautiful sun that will shine down on us all for the next week.

I find myself walking around camp looking for examples of how much this place inspires good will and makes each one of us better people and all I have to do is walk outside my office and it’s everywhere. It may be the closeness we all feel as holding hands is alive and well inside our gates or it could be pushing your friends on the swings or watching your kids put their arms around a camper that is feeling homesick. I was sitting with a camper today that was missing home and within minutes we were surrounded by a group of kids telling this young camper their story of getting through it. They spoke from their heart how missing home is normal and it goes away and as one camper said it so perfectly, she said “Chenny is family and if you let it, it will change your life forever.” This statement was made by one of our most homesick kids who stood in front of us, reached out to a camper who is just starting out and paid it forward. When I think of camp, I think of our children connecting and having a profound effect on each other and I sit in awe as I watch it unfold in front of my eyes.

Wayne County Tournament games began today and we had a ball. win or loose we had a ball.

Middy Girls Basketball  – CAW 22 vs. Wayne 12

Senior/ Super Boys Roller Hockey – CAW 3 vs. Wayne 16

The night ended with Deal or No Deal in Shields Hall. Deals were made and awesome prizes were won. Laughter and smiles were in abundance. There is no place like Camp Chen-A-Wanda. Campers are all safe and sound in their bunks and we are ready for another day full of sun!!!!

Chenny out.