Color War Is HERE!

Today was EPIC. It is hard to put into words the feeling on camp today but I will try my best to relay how it felt to be part of this community who celebrated the beginning of Color War 2017. The day started like any day here at Chenny – everyone rolled out of bed and headed to The Lodge in their jammies, bed hair and all to eat some delicious chocolate chip pancakes. After they filled their bellies, it was off to line-up but it stared to feel like something was in the air. Every bird that flew by looked suspicious, every announcement from Chenny Central seemed strange – everyone was anticipating that Color war was breaking at line-up. They were sure of it. But they would have to wait a bit longer. After line-up it was back too the bunks for clean-up and inspection. You could literally see the disappointment on their faces as they headed back to the bunks. After a good cleaning and waiting for that moment…. IT HAPPENED! You could suddenly hear something, something that didn’t sound like a bugle.. It was Batman music getting louder and louder and louder.. and just like that, the kids started to scream and run around wondering where.. where do they go? Everyone headed to center camp and in rolled the Batmobile with Batman and Robin behind the wheel. Out of nowhere came Superman, Flash and Wonder-women and the kids went nuts. The car was insane but there was more to come.. As the kids followed Batman up to the top of the hill, they were met by 4 skydivers landing at Camp Chen-A-Wanda for a real Superhero battle.  Captain America, Spiderman,  Ironman and Deadpool came down from the sky and made there way to Chenny. We have a true battle happening here at Camp Chen-A-Wanda and just like it’s Color War – Red DC vs. Gold Marvel!

Kids got dressed head-to-toe in their colors and went right into Tugs of war. The battle was fierce and the kids dug down deep to do their teams proud. They pulled hard and worked as team and showed a strength that they may not have even been aware they had. The faces of fierceness and the grunts of grit, Tugs of War brought the spirit of the games to life and set the tone to what is looking to be an incredible War.  It was fun afternoon of games and competition with steal the bacon, BBG, softball, basketball and soccer but what happened tonight was a night we will remember forever. After mass games, it was contest night and there was something in the air. The energy was just INSANE. Kids were going crazy with dancing and singing in between their games of hippity hops and relay races. The vibe was just electric and the energy tonight was something I haven’t ever felt on contest night, EVER! It was a GIANT party where everyone was in the best mood to party and dance. There is no doubt that from the physical energy your kids produced today, that at this very moment they are having a very deep sleep tonight. Wow is all we can say about what happened at camp today!

Everything about Color War brings out the best in each and every single person on camp. It allows us to be a part of a team, to fight for a common goal, to reach our own personal best, to support our friends, to celebrate our wins, to accept our defeats and to a part of something greater than ourselves. So for now our camp is Red and Gold and the pride runs deep. From psych speeches to song practice – this experience transforms us and Day 1 is in the books. Cannot wait to see what tomorrow brings.

Life is Great at Camp Chen-A-Wanda!!!!!!!

Chenny out