Saturday is for Superheroes

The day belonged to color war games and we were all outside playing all day long. There were basketball games, softball, volleyball, BBG & soccer bouts being played all day long. Campers were pushing themselves and so committed to their teams. They laid it all on the fields and courts. You have to see an intense wiffle ball game of campers wearing tutus, bunny ears and face paint. Red DC’s and Gold Marvels where everywhere today. It is the best part of Color War that we can play hard and continue to have the most amazing time with a sense of spirit that is infectious. You can’t watch any one of these games without watching everyone on the sidelines cheer on their team with undeniable support and camp spirit. It is the essence of what these games are about. Play hard, cheer harder and have the best time of your life!!! After every goal there is a high five, after each basket there is a “way to go” and even after an intense game of BBG, there is a giant group hug. It is awesome to watch our kids truly enjoy themselves and embrace their last week of camp.

The scores were read at dinner and the entire camp gasped as they were read. Red DC has earned 1703 and Gold Marvel has secured 1530. Only 173 points separate these two battling teams. After eating our delicious meal and hearing the scores, the entire camp got on the tables and started singing on the top of their lungs. We rocked out and danced like nobody was watching us. If you can imagine the feeling of a room full of people of singing so loudly and dancing so freely it literally moves you to a place that you cant believe exists. There is just no fear to let go and cut loose and it happens here. We see kids who started this journey reserved and timid and these same kids are singing like they are alone in the shower but there are hundreds of friends around them. There is a freedom without judgement to be the most authentic you here. When a giant group of people come together in song and dance, it can literally move a mountain. The energy is tangible, contagious and feel so awesome. Our camp family is united, connected and know to have fun when we sang and dance together.

It was Quiz night and as each camper pushed themselves physically all day long, our minds were stretched and challenged as they had to answer questions ranging from math equations, history challenges all the way to pop culture quizzes. It was a great night as we each challenged our minds to think outside the box and recall information that we haven’t thought about all summer long. It was a fun night full of challenging questions and fun factoids!!! There is 3-more days of Color War and with the scores only 173 points apart,  the next few days will bring some crazy intensity and definitely lots of fun.

Chenny out