Cloudy With A Chance of Falling Burgers

Today was by far the most epic and over the top Color War Fakeout we have ever produced. It was a typical amazing day and the kids were enjoying their activities like normal. Like every other day the bugle rang at 2:30pm for snack call. This is where all the campers come to center camp for their afternoon snack. Well this day would not be like all the other days as just as the kids were enjoying their cookies and milk, in came Ronald McDonald and the Burger King. They took center stage, having a lively debate on who has the best burgers, fries and everything else. After several one ups on who has the ultimate burger, Ronald said “McDonalds is the BEST and I can even make it rain burgers.” And with that, a plane flew over and dropped hundreds of McDonald Burgers. It was raining burgers. Kids were gathering the goods and eating what was coming out of the sky. It was hilarious, it was delicious and then just when the Burger King told the campers to look once more up in the sky, it was another drop and hundreds of papers flew from the plane. When they reached the ground, the kids held them up to see notes reading FAKEOUT!!!! For a moment or two, kids were really believing that this years Color War would be Red McDonalds vs. Gold Burger King. And just like that, the dream was gone. They would have to wait because Color War was not today. This memory they have of burgers falling from the sky will be one they never forget. The smiles and laughs from all our campers were worth every burger that fell from the sky.

More Chenny Champions Today..

Inter Girls Soccer – CAW 0 @ Starlight 3

Collegiate Girls LAX – CAW 13 @ Starlight 11 – CHENNY WINS CHAMPIONSHIP!

Super Boys Tennis – CAW 3 @ Tioga 2 – CHENNY WINS CHAMPIONSHIP!

Super Boys Basketball – CAW 57 @ Lavi 50 – Semi Final Game

GC/CIT Boys Baseball – CAW 6 vs. Starlight 5 – CHENNY WINS CHAMPIONSHIP!

GC/CIT Boys Softball – CAW 12 vs. Equinunk 1 – CHENNY WINS CHAMPIONSHIP!

There were so many kids who got to jump in the lake today and we couldn’t be more proud. Arlos shakes for all our Champions..

It was the Head Staff Lip Sync finals tonight the show was so entertaining it could have been aired on TV. Each finalist performed two songs and they were all on point. The lip sync was perfect, the choreography was brilliant, the costumes were elaborate and performances were insane. The kids loved it, the staff loved it and there wasn’t a person inside Shields Hall who wasn’t entertained tonight. The difference between the runner-up and the winner was a mere half a point. But tonight, it was a repeat winner as Ally Grossman representing the GC’s and CIT’s was named Champion of of Head Staff Lip Sync 2017. A show you just gotta see and we hope you check it out when the vid comes out. After the show ended, the chants started… 1….2….3….4…. WE WANT COLOR WAR – they will have to wait a wee bit longer until Color War 2017 breaks..

Chenny out.