Cirque du Chané

There is truly no place like Chenny. When you wake-up and are greeted with hugs, piggy back rides and someone holding your hands it starts your day in a  pretty positive way. When you walk by someone and hear, Good morning with a smile, it just brings joy to your heart. How can you have a bad day with so much positive energy around you? Even if you wake-up on the wrong side of the bed, it wont take you long before the energy of camp make you smile. You just can’t help but feel good when you are here and we have 9 more days of living surrounded by a world of happy and content people. Just really inspirational, positive people who appreciate every second they spend here and the vibes spread like wild fire. Your kids skip to breakfast, literally skip! And to see it daily makes your heart full. 9 more days  of this.

Championships All Day long!!

Collegiate Girls Basketball – CAW 18 @ Tioga 17 – CHENNY WINS CHAMPIONSHIP – This group of great athletic kids has been undefeated for the past 4 years. Congratulations to the 4peaters who always show dignity, grace and sportsmanship on the court.

Senior Girls Soccer – CAW 7 @ Starlight 6 – CHENNY WINS CHAMPIONSHIP – This game was scoreless and went into overtime. The rain came in and overtime was delayed. Chenny won with 7 penalty kicks vs. Starlights 6. Congratulations to our girls who worked hard together as team and brought home the Championship.

GC/CIT Boys Basketball  – CAW 46 vs. Lavi 43 – CHENNY WINS CHAMPIONSHIP! So proud of these amazing kids who worked hard and played together to win big today.

In late afternoon the rain moved in but that wouldn’t dampen our spirits and ability for the show to go on. It was too wet to have the show up at the trapeze so we do what we do best and solve a problem. We moved the show into Shields Hall and it was INCREDIBLE. The theme was All Around the World and we all took the trip with them. What was plan B became a more intimate and exciting show. All the elements were there and we didn’t miss a beat. Triple trapeze, silks, spanish web to name a few. We had it all indoors and it was Grade A incredibel. The show went on in the most positive way. Our kids blew our minds with what they learned here  and how they did what they did.  They did things you just cant believe and made it look so easy. Our circus show is a camp favorite and every one of our kids put their heart and soul into tonights performance. Sitting in the audience was such a treat as I couldn’t believe what I was watching. Your kids hit new heights and did things that would take your breath away. Our Circus staff, Michael, Rodrigo, Cheryl, Nick and Ashley felt a pride so deep that all their time with your children paid off big time. The kids soaked up all they were taught and performed more beautifully than any reshesal they had. Just wait until you see your kids when the video gets uploaded. We have some pretty talented kids who put on quiet a show tonight. The Big Top was a Big Success!

Chenny out.