And That’s A Wrap

Today was our last official trip day  for summer 2017. All campers were out enjoying their final trip of the summer, all dressed in their Gold Chenny shirts ready to start their off camp adventures.

Cherokee Camp (Freshman, Junior & Middies) defined being the “river” today and we couldn’t be more proud of our youngest campers and their incredible attitude. The day started out brilliantly as they boarded the buses, ready for their big trip to Camel Beach. The sun was shining as they entered the park and within 20 minutes the skies opened up and that rain came down. The forecast was sunshine but the weather quickly turned and right above Camel Beach it was a rain, rain rain that just wasn’t going away. So with the news of the park closing it was back on the bus for our littlest campers who took it in stride. The literally went with the flow and handled it with such amazing attitudes, you at home would be beyond proud of your kids. They were making jokes about how wet they all got and didn’t even get on a ride. The got back to camp to a giant pizza and dance party waiting for them in the Lodge. Our youngest kids just rolled with the punches today with a great attitude and a smile.

Mohican Camp (Inters & Collegiates) spent their last trip day at the state park with an afternoon of chilling out on the beach, listening to music, throwing a ball around, playing cards with friends and splashing around the lake to get cool from the hot day. After the sun was setting on their ideal chilled out beach day it was off to the movies to watch a summer blockbuster. The kids munched on popcorn, sipped their slushies, got comfy in their seats and spent their night watching a movie with their best friends.

Navajo Camp (Seniors, Supers & GC’s) spent their last trip day at Kalahari Waterpark and had the BEST day. This ginormous watermark provided an entire day of water ride fun for our oldest kids. They whooshed around the giant toilet bowl, the slipped down slides, they played in the wave pool and so much more. It was an absolute incredible day and the kids came back exhausted and loving their trip.

The CIT’s had their own magical adventure on their last day in Lake George. This trip was full of action packed fun and gave our CIT’s a unique way to end their camper journey her at Chenny. They experienced a ropes course like no other that challenged each one of them to dig down deep and achieve their personal best. For each one of them, this trip represented a personal goal to push through when they may think what is in front of them may be too tough and that they can’t do it. They just very may well get through anything and can achieve what looks impossible and they are stronger than they realize.  It was the best way to end an amazing summer for our incredible CIT’s.

So now, we are all back in camp, safe and sound and most right now are sleeping peacefully from a day spent very well. Today, there was a lot of laughs, a ton of memories made, experiences that enriched our lives and moments that will stay with us forever. So now onto the last 10 days of camp. There is more to do. It ain’t over yet.

Chenny out.