And the Award Goes To…….

It was busy day honoring so many INCREDIBLE kids here at Chenny. It was Campers of the Week, Kind Campers and our Camp favorite shown Chenny Globes. An incredible day full kids being honored for being just AWESOME!! When their names are announced, you should see the excitement and pride they feel for being honored as really really great kids who standout and are noticed.

Campers of the Week:

Freshman                  Zoe Lederman & Ben Brandoff

Juniors                       Brianna Deutsch & Max Eber

Middies                      Sofia Levy & Alec Glazer

Inters                         Sydney Garfield & Drew Shimer

Collegiates                Taylor Diamond  & Max Gutman

Seniors                       Alexa Selter & Josh Petchers

Supers                         Ashley Sukoff & Jack Rovner

GC’s                             Mia Sutton & Max Rovner

CIT – Having a Ball at Lake George

When we pull out all the nominations for Kind Campers, we are always amazed to see what campers are writing about their friends who have done kind things. It warms our heart to ready every single nomination and the words your kids write are just incredible. Your kids are truly remarkable and special that they do these kind things for others daily and that others notice and feel the need to share the acts of kindness their friends have done is why we love Kind Campers so very much. As I was sifting through the hundreds and hundreds of nominations, my heart skipped a beat as I read how 2 of my girls were nominated for kind things they did and how they made others feel. I cannot tell you the pride I felt and the joy it brought me as a mom knowing my kids spread kindness onto others. So from my heart, I know how much joy it is to be a very proud parent of a Kind Camper.

Kind Campers: Sam Goldblatt, Sloane Irizarry, Kylie Riss, Jolie Weiss, Izzy Aranoff, Paige Arenberg, GiGi Leeds, Billie Margulis, Maya Knobloch, Maya Grill, Kylie Gorsky, Ashley Sukoff, Maddy Grabow, Brooke Marshall, Charlie Feldman, Sarah Haber, Amanda Horn, Bari Klein, Zoe Grabow, Zachary Zipes, Benji Herzog, Jake Erlich, Jake Ashkenase, Hunter Galan, Jesse Ryback, Anthony Scarcella, Justin Miller, Ian Sherman, Corey Ash, Mason Berlin, Drew Shimer, Tyler Agulnick and Jordan Tave

Everyone loves the Globes and tonights show was spectacular. We all got dressed up in our Academy Award Wear, walked the Red Carpet, our paparazzi took pics of our gorgeous kids and then it was showtime. And the winners are:

Best Dancer –               Brooke Bortnick & Zachary Zipes

Camp Clown-               Sammy Witz & Bennet Hamuy

Best Siblings –             Izzy & Syd Aranoff / Max & Jacob Coffman

Bets Smile –                 Nikki Heifler & Luke Marchisotta

Best Eyes –                   Becca Shamus & Holden Baris

Future Head Staff       Alexa Selter & Jack Santoro

Most Likely to be WonderWomen or Superman – Paige Arenberg & Jason Rosenbaum

Most Fashionable –      Blair Mittleberg & Brett Sacks

Future President –        Lexie Klein & Ben Yatch

Most Likely To Be Famous –     Ally Heller & Ethan Schwartzberg

Please lookout for all of todays sports scores to be posted tomorrow afternoon.

Today was another incredible day here with beautiful blue skies, perfect weather and whole bunch of very happy people. We have 11 more days of living in paradise and we intend to make each day count, continue spreading kindness, apologize when we make mistakes, believe we can do things that may be hard at first and never stop believing that every single one of us is perfect just the way we are. Life is Great at Camp Chen-A-Wanda.

Chenny out.