Lights, Camera, Action… Suessical!

It is crazy to think that in just 13 days your children will be back home with you. We are under the 2 week mark and there is so much fun left to be had. It feels like we have been here forever and living in this Chen-A-Wanda bubble is nearing the last phase for summer 2017. With only such short time to go, we are gearing up for some insane days ahead. 13 days is still an eternity here with Color War, the Circus show, Chenny Globes, Late Night With Leahy and of course Banquet, we have some serious great times ahead of us. The days are still amazing and the nights are remarkable here. We will not take for granted 1 moment we have left here as the best is yet to come. As we gear up for the last leg of summer 2017, we just cant believe how much we’ve done, how much fun we’ve had and how meaningful this summer has been to all of us.

Our kids were true sportsman on the fields and courts today:

Dance Competition @ Camp Wayne – Chenny wins Lower Camp- 1st Place!!!!!

Inter Girls Basketball – CAW 22 @ Shoshanim 3 – Chenny wins CHAMPIONSHIP!

Inter/Collegiate/Senior Tennis – CAW 2 vs. Independent Lake 6

Collegiate Girls Flag Football – CAW 24 vs. Towanda 20

Collegiate Girls Tennis – CAW 1 vs. Westmont 4

Senior Girls Soccer – CAW 6 @ Tioga 1

Middy/Inter Boys Basketball – CAW 33 vs. Tioga 36

Collegiate Boys Baseball – CAW 0 vs. Starlight 11 – Chenny places 2nd in Wayne County Tournamnet

Senior/Super Boys Hockey – CAW 8 vs. Westmont 2 – Chenny Wins CHAMPIONSHIP GAME!

Super Boys Football – CAW 29 vs. Towonda 20

GC Boys Softball – CAW 23 vs. Towanda 3

Tonight’s evening activity was our summer production of Seussical the Musical. Our campers took center stage and sang, acted and danced. Our kids loved watching their friends up on stage and we all felt a sense of pride supporting our Chenny friends who entertained us. Whenever our campers are on stage, everyone gets behind them. You should have seen the faces of the cast as the play ended and the curtain reopened for their bows and they saw their audience clapping and cheering for them on their feet with a standing ovation in their honor. It was awesome to witness. It is what makes this camp a family. Everyone knew how much time, effort and dedication our actors put into this production and we couldn’t be prouder of everyone who performed tonight. Bravo to the cast and we thank you for putting on quite a fun show tonight.

Chenny out.