12 More Days

Hard to believe that we have 12 more days. It is going at lightening speed and it is just so hard to believe that in just 12 days summer ’18 is coming to an end. There is just so much more to happen and experience that we will not waste a minute. There are those camp events that indicate camp is coming to an end and with Girls Sing behind us we all know that Color War is within reach. Even with only 12 days to go there is so much camp we must get to. No matter how tired we are or how exhausted we feel, there is something magical that happens when Color War breaks and a surge of energy overcomes us all. We push through to the finish line. The end is near but we gotta more to do here. 12 more glorious days spent at he best place on earth. Life is Great!!

“Do Not Judge Me by My Successes, Judge Me By How Many Times I Have Fallen and Got Back Up” – Nelson Mandela

Freshman/Junior Girls Softball – CAW 6 vs. Towanda 4

Inter Girls Soccer Tournament @ Towanda CAW 4 vs. Towanda 0 / CAW 6 vs. Blue Ridge 0

Collegiate Girls Basketball (Gold) – CAW 10 vs. Towanda 24

Collegiate Girls Basketball (Red) CAW 56 @ Tyler Hill 2

Super Girls Basketball (RED)- CAW 35 vs. Island Lake 17

Super Girls Basketball – CAW 30 vs. Lavi 42

Freshman/Junior Boys Basketball CAW 36 vs. Tyler Hill 12

Freshman/Junior Boys Baseball CAW 0 vs. Towanda 3

Inter Boys Soccer Tournament @ Towanda – CAW wins 3 out of 5 matches

GC Boys Basketball – CAW 60 @ Tioga 47

Tonight was Head Staff Lip Sync Finals and it was INSANELY GREAT!! I urge you to watch the video when it comes out on line. It was incredibly entertaining and our kids loved it. There is nothing like watching Head Staff Lip Sync in the Hall. The energy is palpable and tonight was no exception. When anyone in our camp family takes the stage, it feels like each of us are up there with them. This sense of pride blankets each one of us. You cant explain it but you love to feel it. The talent, the choreography, the lip syncing, the costumes, the heart and soul behind each performance made tonight exceptional. The last performance of the night was the slam dunk. Melvin our basketball Director morphed into Patrick Swayze as he danced The Time of My Life from Dirty Dancing. When he did the lift with Kaitlyn, the zumba specialist everyone jumped to their feet and exploded with cheers. Every step, every turn, every dip was from the movie and you were transported back to that scene. Even for our youngest campers who have not yet watched that movie classic, they felt the spirit of Jonny Castle and Frances “Baby” Houseman!! A night we won’t forget.

12 More Days!!!

Chenny out.