Full House

It’s official, Summer ’18 Trips are done. It was our last trip day and the kids all had a great time out of camp. Rain was in our area so we had to do some switch-a-roos with the schedules and move to indoor venues. Our kids were fabulous and rolled with it. Sure there was disappointment with some not heading to where they thought they would be spending their day but in the end our kids rolled like the river and went with the flow. We can control a lot of things here at camp but the weather is something that we haven’t yet mastered. And you would be be so proud of your kids that went with plan B. To see the silver lining in a change of plans is gift and a they all got it. Yes, Dorney would have been awesome but it didn’t define their day or mood. We just couldn’t be more proud of your children who showed us today that were and are the RIVER!!!!

Our Freshman thru Inters had an absolute ball at Kalahari Indooor waterpark. They loved every minute of their last trip and it was the ultimate way to end their summer trip days. So many smiles and so many memories made with  for our youngest campers. They rolled back into camp exhausted but beyond happy with what was a fantastic day spent well.

Our Collegiates spent their morning at camp before they headed out for their day of fun. It was spa morning for our girls who all got facials, manis and pedis then had a hair straightening party. It was relaxing and got our girls ready for their trip. Boys spent their morning relaxing in the Chen-A-Plex watching some fun comedy shows. The laughter that was coming from the plex was deafening. They had a fun morning then it was off to Skyzone. When we say they had a great day at Skyzone is an understatement. They jumped around four hours, playing dodgeball and trampoline basketball. The group was terrific and the fun they had today was off the charts. After they were all jumped out it was off to the theater to chill out and grab a summer blockbuster. They munched on popcorn and spent their night being entertained by the movie of their choice. Nothing quite like sitting next to your camp friends, sharing a tub of popcorn watching a movie together.

Our Navajo campers started their day at the State Park (before the rain came) as they relaxed at the beach, chilling out, laying out, tossing a ball, listening to music, chatting with friends. It was a perfect morning then it was off to Skate Escape where our oldest campers roller skated the night away. Our kids love rollerskating and at this venue they also have lazer tag. It was just a big play space for good old fashion-fun and our kids loved it. Eating hot pretzels and enjoying Icees then off to roller skate is just a fun time. I remember when I was their age and I spent my evenings at my local roller rink. Somethings have radically changed but some things just stay the same.

Our CIT’s are back from Lake George and their last trip ever as campers. It was an amazing end to their journey as Chenny kids. Their last hoorah was memorable and meaningful. Full of great moments and lots of adventure. They are all now facing the countdown and see what is around the corner. The end is around the corner and they aren’t taking 1 of the next 11 days for granted.

So our house is full again and we will end the summer just as we began, all together! So with our last trip now officially behind us, there is something coming soon…… 1,2,3,4….WE WANT COLOR WAR!!!!!!

Life is Great at Camp Chen-A-Wanda.

Chenny out.