Defying Gravity – Chenny Circus Came To Town

Our Seniors were off to their Hershey trip, finally… and they were so beyond excited to get on that bus. It was the overnight they were looking so forward to and have waited for all year long. With bags packed and happy faces our seniors were off for an incredible day at the park. It will be a chocolate heaven for all our Seniors who patiently waited for this day to come and today was the day. We can’t wait to hear all about their adventures and fun they had when they get back to camp late tomorrow night.

It was off to Lake George for our CIT’s who will enjoy their last official trip of their Chenny camper journey. These kids have 3 days and 2 nights of adventure fun. Their first stop was white water rafting then off to explore downtown Lake George. They ate and shopped and loved every minute of their day. Just when it couldn’t get any better, our CIT’s went to a Haunted House for some scary night time fun. What a way to end an era than to be on an awesome trip with your brothers and sisters. It’s good to be a CIT!

“It is not the size of a man but the size of his heart that matters.” – Evander Holyfield

Collegiate Girls Basketball – CAW 34 @ Lavi 16 – Chenny Wins Championship

Super Girls Soccer – CAW 0 vs. Towanda 3

Dance Team Competition at Camp Wayne for Girls – Chenny takes 4th Place

CAW Internal Gymnastic Competition-

1st – Jordyn Hansel

2nd – Alexa Donchek
3rd – Maya Pavat
1st – Maddison Frankel
2nd – Jolie Weiss
3rd – Kate Holland

Freshman/Junior Boys Soccer – CAW 0 vs. Starlight 3

Middy Boys Soccer – CAW 6 vs. Tioga 5

Inter Boys Flag Football Tournament @Trails End – CAW Lost in Semi Finals
It was Camper of The Week Awards and time to honor our kids that have gone above and beyond this week. Congratulations to our OutstandingKids!!!
Freshman – Roxie Bishop & Jordan Morris
Juniors – Max Schwarzberg & Alexa Hallen
Middies – Chase Goldman & Hayden Berger
Inters – Landon Miller & Sloane Irizarry
Collegiate – Robbie Shields & Sloane Kesselman
Seniors – Wesley Schnell
Supers – Brett Sacks & Alexa Becker
GC – Jack Rovner & Alexa Hallen
CIT – Sam Tavel
We put on quite a performance tonight as our Circus show took our breath away.We had tumblers and acrobats,  and lyra performances, silks, hoola hoops and diablos. There was the single trapezes and spanish webs and our kids dazzled us with their abilities on the triple trapeze. To watch our kids create a performance that defies gravity and takes total 100% concentration and are able to execute with such ease and grace is a testament to our Circus Directors and specialists. Rodrigo and Ricardo along with their team of Gabrielle, Emily, Vanessa and Joanna produced a show that was spectacular. They took us on a Pirate Ship adventure with the Captains and parrots, mermaids and sea creatures. It was visually gorgeous and so amazingly entertaining. From start to finish our minds were blown as we watched our kids dazzle us with their talent. To watch our kids pour their heart and soul into this program and show us all what dedication looks like is truly what its all about. There is nothing we can’t do when we apply ourselves and try until we get it. So many kids come to camp and may look at that huge trapeze and see it’s enormity as something they can’t do but this summer, our campers saw what they can do and we couldn’t be more proud of each and every one of them. It was our very own Cirque’ de Chenny show tonight and it was a winner.
Chenny out.