Wiffle Cup Boys vs. Girls

It was another showstopper day up here at Camp Chen-A-Wanda. The sun was out but there was a breeze that ran through camp that kept us all cool as we played outside all day long. In center camp there was a group girls that caught my eye. They were all lying on the ground with their heads in the center of a circle as they lay face up. They were all looking up towards the sky and were watching the clouds pass them by. Each girl picked a cloud and described what they thought it looked like. Just lying on the ground without a care in the world watching the clouds go by. What could possibly be sweeter than that? I can guarantee that this group of girls may not remember every little detail that happened during this summer but they will definitely never forget the time they laid in a circle, watching the clouds with their camp sisters. A sweet moment I feel privileged to have seen.

Our campers continued to enjoy the Basketball and Soccer Academy’s.  There was intense instruction in each sport and campers were on the field and courts learning to better their game. Both Academy’s were of great value to our athletes as they sharpened their skills and had a ball doing it.

Girls 5th Grade Softball – CAW 2 vs. Westmont 13

Girls 5th / 6th Grade LAX – CAW 7 vs. Westmont 11

Girls 7th Grade Softball – CAW 6 vs. Wayne 7

Boys 8th Grade Baseball – CAW 16 vs. Starlight 8

The night was all about Wiffle Cup. Girls side was determined to bring home the win tonight but Boys side wanted the repeat.  Girls side was decked out in everything neon as boys side was showing their solidarity wearing all black. There was chants, cheers, dances and of course a crazy fun game of wiffle ball. Boys lead the way the entire game but in true Chenny form, It ain’t over till it’s over and Girls side came up from behind and pulled ahead with a 27 -22 victory over Boys side. The game was incredible and everyone was involved. You didn’t have to be on the field to feel the craziness. We were all part of the fun. So proud of our kids. We just wanna have fun and boy do we know how to do that here at Chen-A-wanda!!!! Another incredible day down but we still have more to go!!!

Chenny out