Picture Perfect

Imagine a day so perfect each moment seemed to stand still. The weather resembled those made in movies or manufactured to create a perfect mood. The sky was so blue and the water so warm. It was almost not real, but it was so very real because we all got to experience the magic of this day. It had a lazy day feel and that was exactly what we all needed. We had a brunch morning so the bugle didn’t wake us up until 9:45am. The extra sleep felt great and very much appreciated. There is something quite special to see the entire camp roll out of bed into The Lodge still in our pajamas.  In every sense of the word, this place truly becomes our home. There is no pretending or trying to be something we are not. It is just all of us being authentically who we are, in our pajamas heading to breakfast still having sleepy dust in our eyes and sheet marks on our cheeks. No pomp and circumstance here. It’s us being us. Even the mundane routine things we do feel better doing them up here at camp… because we are together.

Our Basketball and Baseball Academy’s continued today and our campers thoroughly enjoyed participating in them.  It was a huge turnout for both and from watching our kids practice their skills and running the drills, this summers academy’s were a big success.

Girls 7th Grade Basketball – CAW 39 vs. Lohikan 6

Girls 7th Grade Soccer – CAW 1 vs. Tioga 6

Girls 8th Grade Basketball – CAW 14 vs. Lavi 41

Boys 3rd/4th Grade Wiffleball  – CAW 20 vs. Westmont 19

Boys 4th Grade Baseball – CAW 5 vs. Westmont 1

Boys 5th Grade Baseball – CAW vs. Island Lake (Won by forfeit CAW moves on to finals)

Boys 7th Grade Softball – CAW 3 vs. Seneca Lake 4

Boys 8th/9th Grade LAX – CAW 2 vs. Starlight 10


Lights Camera Action. Our thespians have been working so hard on the big show and tonight they shined bright. Willy Wonka and the Chipwhich Factory came to life as our actors and actresses put on one amazing show. They sang and danced and amazed us with their acting. They lit up the stage with their huge smiles and bigger hearts. As they put it all out there on stage, we are constantly reminded of how connected we all are to one another as the cheers and applause stayed consistent and loud. As each song was sung or scene was acted, our audience screamed out with support to their friends who so bravely and sweetly entertained the whole camp tonight. To watch the cast who worked so hard on tonight’s show, take their final bow; we are reminded that above all what matters most is to just have fun. And that they did! We could not be more proud of what they all did on that stage tonight. Bravo!! Bravo!!! Bravo!!!!

Chenny Out