What It's All About

Today in Arts n’ Crafts there was a group of boys in our Lego room and they were building a giant tower together. I was watching them in awe as they worked so beautifully together. They each contributed to this giant structure. One by one they contributed their ideas on how to make it bigger and better.  There was such cooperation and creativity, as this tower became a symbol of what it’s all about here. One camper said, “We have to make the foundation good and strong so it can hold everything we build on top of it.” This Lego structure is exactly what each one of us is doing here. With a good strong foundation, you can just keep building up and it will become more fantastic with all the different unique pieces you put on it. As the period ended, they all agreed that this tower was way too amazing to take apart and they asked the Lego specialist to put it away until they come back to build more onto their tower. She agreed to hold this masterpiece in a separate room for them and the excitement they shared was magnificent. They had no idea just how spectacular their tower was. They actually were all building a foundation that was good and strong and had nothing to do with Lego. They walked out of Arts N’ Crafts closer to one another than when they entered. This is what it’s all about.

Chen-A-Wanda hosted the first annual Little Peach World Series Softball Tournament for our Freshman and Junior Girls. Camp Wayne and Tioga spent the day here as each tem played 3 games. Camp Wayne placed 1st, CAW placed 2nd and Camp Tioga placed 3rd. The girls had the best day. Little Peach World Series was a homerun!!

Girls 9th/10th Grade Soccerama @ Bryn Mawr. Our girls played in 4 games in this full day tourney. CAW beat Bryn Mawr, lost two bouts to Indian Head and Trails End and tied with Camp Wayne.  They had a great day full of soccer.


Boys 5th Grade Soccer – CAW 12 vs. Tioga 12

Boys 5th Grade Tennis – CAW 0 vs. Wayne 5

Boys 10th Grade Baseball – CAW 0 vs. Westmont 10


Our Campers of the Week were announced at line up and there is always such excitement as we honor these standouts.


Freshman – Marin Hersley & Tyler Jurist

Juniors – Sami Siegel & Will Yallowitz

Middies – Emily Kushner & Colby Frankel

Inters – Avery Paulen & Jacob Futterman

Collegiates – Sami Miller & Jack Abel

Seniors – Sydney Schechter & Tommy Quinn

Suoers – Hailey Zion & Jeremy Gaines

GC’s – Bari Adwar & Brett Wolff

Our Wanderers are still wandering as they spent their day on a jeep tour exploring Arizona and Montezuma’s Castle. They are having a trip of a lifetime as they have seen so many wonderful things the west coast offers. We are excited to hear about all their adventures when the return to camp in a few days.

Girl’s side got to enjoy a giant ice cream party tonight as they celebrated the win of Wiffle Cup. It was super sundaes with all the fixin’s . They had their sundae social in the Lodge and loved it!!! It was dodge ball, wiffle ball and kickball under the lights for boy’s side. They equally enjoyed their evening as well. There was laughter and lots of it all around camp tonight.

Tomorrow marks exactly 2 more weeks we have here in paradise and we can promise you that we are going to make every moment count.

Chenny Out