Summer Days That Stay With US

Today started like any other regular amazing summer day here and camp was full of happy campers. Imagine a world where you skip from activity to activity or where you walk up the road while holding hands with your best friend or just walking arm in arm with your buddy is the norm. This is what daily life is like here. We put our guard down and let people in. I often think if there is any correlation to being unplugged all summer and our desire to connect face to face with our friends here. We become available for pure human connection. It’s natural and normal to sit in the lap of our counselor or friends at line-up.  This place and experience literally embraces your children. In a world where being disconnected from one another is our reality and sending a text is how we communicate, you can only imagine how comforting and amazing it feels to hold hands, walk arm in arm and talk to one another. Soon, we will go back to our digital forms of communicating with one another but until then we have 2 more glorious weeks of this. The value of spending our summers here are just immeasurable.

It was Chenny domination as we won 4 Wayne County Championships today!!!!

Our dancers enjoyed a morning at Camp Wayne’s annual Dance-A-Thon. We competed in Hip-Hop and Lyrical and our dancers had a ball. Congratulations to all of our dancers who lit up the stage today.


Girls 7th Grade Basketball – CAW Red 33 vs. Camp Nesher 8 – CAW WINS CHAMPIONSHIP!!!

Girls 7th Grade Basketball – CAW Gold 16 vs. Poyntelle 8

Girls 8th Grade Softball – CAW 8 vs. Morasha 4 – CAW WINS CHAMPIONSHIP!!

Boys 5th Grade Soccer – CAW 3 vs. Wayne 5

Boys 5th Grade Basketball – CAW 14 vs. Starlight 37

Boys 6th Grade Baseball – CAW 3 vs. Starlight 2 – CAW WINS CHAMPIONSHIP!!

Boys 6th Grade Soccer – CAW 2 vs. Trails End 5

Boys 8th Grade Boys Baseball – CAW 11 vs. Westmont 7 – CAW WINS CHAMPIOSHIP!!!


We had a busy day on the fields and courts and we couldn’t be prouder of the effort each team gave and the true sportsmanship they had.

Our Wanderers safely arrived in Phoenix, their last destination. They spent the day in sun, resting and relaxing and having a great day at the resort.  They have spent the last week and half experiencing one amazing west coast adventure and getting do this with their camp family was dream like. We are so looking forward to their arrival back her at camp to hear about all they have done.

Tonight’s evening activity was a great night of Minute To Win It. Each division had one camper play for them and they were vying for an Ice Cream Party for the entire division. They played Tilt-A-Cup, Hanky Panky, A Bit Dicey, Bobble Head Challenge, Johnny Apple Stack and Volcano. The kids had so much fun playing the games and the campers watching had so much fun supporting their friends who were trying to win their division an ice cream party. In the end our lower camp winner went to Middy Camper, Sarah Haber and Upper Camp went to GC Jordan Birnholz. You put on one great show tonight and you each proved to the entire camp that you each have mad skills stacking apples, balancing dice on the end of a popsicle stick while in your mouth and able to effectively take every single tissue out of a tissue box with only one hand quicker than anyone else. Gotta love this place.

Chenny Out