We Are The Champions

It was a great day for all of our Chenny athletes. We played and won 3 Championship games today. We are so proud of the effort, team spirit and most importantly, the superb sportsmanship our campers displayed today.  There was such pride to watch each team win and celebrate together. Playing sports here at camp is defined not by any pressure or stress but solely on the merits of truly enjoying the game. It’s the intention of how sports should be played and that’s what we do here.  There are no disappointing looks or negative remarks by parents or coaches for missed shots or striking out at bat. It is awesome to watch your kids thrive and play the sports they truly enjoy just for the love of the game.


Girls 6th Grade Softball – CAW 14 – Poyntelle 4 – Headed to Championship Game

Girls 8th Grade Soccer – CAW 11 vs. Poyntelle 0 – CAW WINS CAHMPIONSHIP!!!

Girls 8th/9th Grade LAX – CAW 10 vs. Wayne 9 – CAW WINS CHAMPIONSHIP!!!!!

Girls 9th Grade Softball – CAW 12 vs. Morasha 21

Boys 6th Grade Basketball – CAW 34 vs. Morasha 25 – CAW WINS CHAMPIONSHIP!!

Boys 9th Grade Soccer – CAW 0 vs. Island Lake 10

It was girls side Doppelganger tonight after dinner and boy do we have some crazy cool look-a-likes. Campers who just met this summer and entered tonight’s fun contest because they were separated at birth and found each other at Chenny. Just wait and see how much some of our campers resemble one another. It’s a fun night and girls side always have a great time at the Doppelganger.

Tonight was movie night here at CAW and there were several different choices all being played throughout camp.  One funny, one sweet and one scary. There was a choice for everyone and for those not wanting a to watch a movie was Frisbee classic under the lights. It was just another crazy fun night here.

Chenny Out!!