Terrific Tuesday

Today was the last trip of summer 2013 and the kids had the best day.

Cherokee Camp (Freshman – Middies) spent their day at Camel Beach. They park was a perfect size for our youngest campers. They spent this perfect summer day enjoying all the water rides Camel Beach had to offer.  It was a great trip. One they won’t forget.

Mohican Camp (Inters & Collegiates) spent their day relaxing at the State Park. They played in the lake, threw the ball around, and caught some sun as they lounged with friends. It was in their own words, “the chillest day.” They just had a great day with friends at a beautiful lake se laughing and making memories they wont forget.  As the sun started to set, it was time for a delicious BBQ by the beach. What could be better than a spent like this?

Navajo Camp (Seniors, Supers & GC’s) had a great day at Dorney Park. They weather was ideal, the park was empty and the kids loved it! They went ride after ride. As the bus rolled into camp tonight and everyone got off you saw huge sleepy smiles as they looked exhausted carrying the oversized stuffed animals they won at the park. There wasn’t a camper that didn’t say what an amazing day they had. It was just one happy day all around.

Our Wanderers arrived back to camp this afternoon and oh what a trip they had. As their West Coast journey has come to an end, it left an indelible impression on each one of them. They experienced a trip of a lifetime and did it together.  They went to beach, amusement parks, shopping, Vegas Strip to name a few but each one of them were in awe and blown away on how much the Grand Canyon effected them.  It’s as if the beauty and grandness of this wonder of the world opened their minds to something they may not have had a chance to see and experience. Together they embraced this canyon that took their breath away and will forever be in their hearts. We are so glad to have them back.

No it is onto the last and best 2 weeks of camp. 1…2…3..4…We all want a Color War!!!!

Chenny Out