Halloween In July – Why Not?

It was Academy Day here at Chen-A-Wanda and our campers loved the instruction. Our Soccer Academy was held in the morning and campers were welcomed to participate and experience serious soccer training.  The afternoon was dedicated to our Baseball/Softball Academy. The Academy’s were full of campers getting very specific and intense instruction. Some campers spent their morning in the Soccer Academy only to spend their afternoon at our Baseball Academy. A full of Academy’s are a great way for your kids to better their skills and get the their next level.

Girls 8th Grade Soccer – CAW 2 vs. Wayne 5

Boys 3rd/4th Grade Hockey – CAW 5 vs. Trails End 3

Boys 4th/ 5th Grade Tennis – CAW 4 vs. Equinunk 1 (CAW moves on to the Finals!!)

Boys 5th & 6th Grade LAX – CAW 8 vs. Starlight 4 (CAW moves on to the Finals!!)

Boys 7th Grade Baseball – CAW 18 vs. Island Lake 17 (CAW moves on to the Finals!!)

For our dancers it was a day spent at Tyler Hill at their annual Dance Competition. There is something that is so much fun on being at these competitions not just getting to perform a dance we have worked so hard on but seeing your friends from home is as exactly thrilling. I went the girls today and watching them run to heir friends and each would tell how their summer is going. They even cheered one another on as each took the stage. It is less of a competition and more of a reconnection with friends from other camps and of course a chance to dance. Our girls did great and more importantly they had such a great day. After spending an incredible day dancing all the girls were eager to get back home because it was HALLOWEEN at Chenny!!

There was a chill in the air and it really felt like a fall night. A perfect evening for a costume contest, a Haunted House and of course Trick or Treating!!! Our kids strutted their stuff and showed incredible creativity with amazing costumes tonight. What is more fun than Halloween in July? We danced, cheered, laughed a lot tonight. Our Head Staff picked the best of the best tonight and our costume winner were:


Scariest Costume – Elaina Hamuy

Best Group Costume – Girls Bunk J Holidays

Funniest Costume – Sibling Swap Weiss,Fensterstock & Chaskin

Best Celebrity Look-A-Like – Adam Caplan

Most Original – Dani Mazen, Rachel Mahler, Emily Locker, Emma Baskind & Corrine Packel

After our contest it was Trick or Treat time. Each group went station-to-station collecting candy and having a ball. There was spooky music playing all throughout camp that added to the Halloween vibe.  With the crisp summer night weather, it not only looked like Halloween but felt like it too. As one camper looked inside her brown bag full of candy, she turned to her friend and said “can camp get any better?”  And as I overheard her, I couldn’t help but reply, YES IT CAN!!!!

The days seem to be moving more quickly as we have only 2 ½ weeks left in paradise. But these last weeks are by far the best.  We are not done yet, not even close!!!!

Chenny Out