Chenny Color Muddy

When the big kids are away….the little kids will….Have the most insane Color Mudder EVER!!!! To quote our campers who got experience the Mudder,”Iit was the BEST day ever!” We got to slide down the Chenny Zoom to get super wet then off to the giant mud pit where we crawled over and under the rope obstacle course.  After getting super muddy from head to toe, literally, we ran back down the hill only to get doused with colored powder all over our every part of us. Then it was right into the lake to rinse off.

If you have ever seen a Tough Mudder or a Color Run, this was our version of both and the kids LOVED it!!! There really isn’t anything more fun than rolling in mud and not getting in trouble for it. Actually being encouraged to jump in and get dirty. There was more laughter and smiles at the mud pit today it was contagious. Even the kids that were hesitant at first couldn’t stop themselves to jump in the pit.

As a mom of three, I am always telling my girls to avoid stepping in puddles when it’s raining because I don’t want them to walk around all day in squishy wet shoes.  I am sure I am not the only one of us out there who feels the same.  You should have seen your kids faces as they were covered in mud and nobody telling them they need to stop because they will have squishy wet shoes. They played with a sense of pure uninterrupted freedom today and they even taught an old dog like me a new trick; it’s really ok to sometimes have squishy wet shoes. We were all mess and it never felt so good. Sometimes you just gotta let go, play in the mud and walk around in squishy wet shoes.

Our Seniors had a blast at Hershey today. They loved sleeping at the hotel last night and getting a full day at the park. It was day filled with rides, arcade games and a boatload of chocolate. It was s a chocolate heaven and they couldn’t have been happier.

The Supers & GC’s spent their morning touring Boston on a Duck Tour. They spent the day at Faneuil Hall shopping and lunching. The evening was spent on a harbor cruise around this beautiful city, then back to the hotel for a pool party. Could it get any better? Yes it can, as the kids will have a blast at the Red Sox Game.

Our Wanderers spent their day at the greatest place on earth, Disneyland!! Our oldest campers are having the time of their lives. There are no worries, no tests, no pressures just the joy of It’s a Small World. As they depart from Anaheim, California it’s off to Universal City tonight. They will get to experience the fun of Universal Studios tomorrow. These are the best times of their lives and we couldn’t be happier for them. They are enjoying every second!!!

It was an amazing day all around from our Freshmen to our Wanderers. The kind of day that you don’t want to end. As my day comes to an end and I head up to my house,  my wet muddy sneakers are outside my door and all I can do is smile.

Chenny Out