Why Can't This Last Forever?

Standing by the swings, I heard one camper say to another, “Why can’t this last forever?” As I was completely moved by what I had heard, I chimed in and said that it actually does. This experience does last forever. Regardless of how many days we have left up here, we bring it back home with us and it changes us all for the better.

Today was a brunch morning, and we all loved the extra sleep. We had free play in the morning and the campers had a great time roaming around playing with their friends. The afternoon was back to regular activities. Just a great easy morning to recharge for an active afternoon.

It was an exciting afternoon of sports as our Inter/Collegiate Girls Basketball defeated Wayne for Girls to be named Wayne County Champions. The final score was CAW 24, Wayne 14. We are so proud of how they worked as a unit and showed amazing sportsmanship. Our girls are Champions, not just for the win but how they played as a team.

Our GC’s/Waiters played a Championship game vs. Westmont and fell short. They played their hearts out and we are so proud of their valiant effort. Final score CAW 39 Westmont 42. Way to go boys. You made us proud with how much heart you put into this game.

Our campers were entertained Michael Dubois, The One Man Circus. He dazzled us with his juggling; he amazed us with his magic and wowed us with his spectacular feats. The campers laughed and loved it. A great night all around.

All campers are snug in their beds getting their sleep for another amazing day ahead of them.

This is the life!!!!!

Chenny out.