Harlem's In The House

Today was your average amazing day at camp. Hopefully as you read these blogs you get a sense of what life is like here everyday.

It is so normal to stand on our chairs in the Dining Hall as we sing at the top of our lungs in unison. It is so normal to have 6 friends sit on you bed at rest hour talking about everything and anything. It is so normal to play the Diablo with all your buddies over and over and over again. It is so normal to walk up the hill holding hands with your friends. It is so normal to scream with encouragement as you cheer on your counselor to win the tetherball match he’s playing at lineup. It is so normal to feel completely accepted for who you are here.

We had two’s games today. One played, One forfeit!!

Collegiate Boys Soccer – CAW 0 vs. Starlight 3

Collegiate Girls Soccer – Wayne Forfeits Game

Chenny has so much talent that the campers who didn’t participate in Talent Show #1 got there turn today. It was a mid day talent extravaganza and they shined. They sang, they danced, they acted and cracked jokes to a crowd that loved it!!!

Tonight’s evening activity was spectacular as we had the Harlem Wizards here dazzling our campers with tricks, dunks and spins. They used our campers in the show with fast passes and tricky moves. The laughs were plentiful, the campers were entertained and the night was a success. Smiles were a plenty tonight. We have a camp full of happy campers!!!!

Chenny out.