Trick or Treat…. It's Halloween Chenny Style

Only word to say is “Outstanding”. We had the best day today. The weather was ideal and camp was hoppin’. Each day we are here seems to get better and better. We really are one big summer camp family. You see it in every interaction, at every meal, as we pass each other to activity or just when we are hanging out. The smiles, the high fives, and the hugs we give one another is constant. You can definitely get used to this support and encouragement. It just feels great.

It was an active day in our sports program with great games and terrific sportsmanship.

Freshman/Junior/Middy and Inter Girls Basketball – CAW 12 vs. Westmont 24

Inter Boys Baseball – CAW 3 vs. Westmont 4

Collegiates Boys Lacrosse – CAW 3 vs. Starlight 7

Seniors Girls Tennis – CAW 5 vs. Lohikan 0

Junior Boys Soccer – CAW 4 vs. Wayne 5

The ghosts and goblins were out tonight as we celebrated Halloween in July. Everyone dressed up and had the best time at our costume contest. The campers and staff all strutted their stuff down the runway as they heard cheers and applause for their creative costumes. Then it was off to trick or treat. They had bags full of candy and the Halloween spirit was in the air. Our Senior girls had transformed their bunk into a Haunted House and those campers who wanted the thrill entered at their own risk!! It was creepy, it was cool and was so much fun. We ended the night at the campfire with songs and scary stories. Another magical evening that will be with each of us forever.


Chenny Out