And The Winner Is……

It was a fantastic day with ideal weather. Camp had an amazing feeling about it today. There was lots of rehearsing for the upcoming Boys Lip Sync Show. Each division is getting creative and working hard on coordinating their dance moves. We can’t wait to see the final product. The boys are having so much fun practicing and it is looking as if Boy’s Lip Sync 2011 will be a fantastic show!!!!!!

One game was played today and congratulations to our Inter Boys Softball as we defeated Tyler Hill with a score of 2 -1. They played hard and had a great time.

Today was all about our Chenny Idol Finale and the whole camp got into the spirit. Everyone was making signs for their favorite Idol. You could hear chants and cheers for Ally Heller, Julia Bromley and Jake Quadrino throughout camp today. An awesome show of support and all three finalists knew what they had to do today. They each were focused, excited and ready for the show.

They sang their hearts out and had the best time. The spotlight shined and they each had their moment as they rocked the stage. As you watch the entire camp sing along, sway their arms in unison and give a standing ovation at the end of each performance, you realize the amazing support we provide for one another. The three singers felt it & everyone in the Rec Hall felt it too. It was a magical night and one that we can’t forget. As the votes were being calculated, the suspense filled the room. Cody Seacrest was handed the envelope and the winner was revealed. The winner for this year’s Chenny Idol is………..Jake Quadrino!!!!

Congratulations to all three of our amazing vocalists. You did great and we are so proud of each one of you.  As this years Chenny Idol, Jake will have a star that will hang in the School of Rock and will also bring his entourage (bunk) in a stretch Limo to a swanky restaurant. They will receive star treatment, as an Idol should.

Way to go Jake! It’s your night to shine.


Chenny out.