Boys Were In Sync Tonight!

Just another beautiful day and after spending five weeks here it feels as if our summer is flying by. We can’t slow the hands of time but we can enjoy every second here. There is a feeling of gratitude that we all get to spend our days like this.

Chen-A-Wanda sports were on target today as we won 2 Wayne County Championships. Way to play!

Middy Girls Soccer – CAW 5 vs. Starlight 1 (We are headed to the Finals!!!)

Collegiate Girls Softball – CAW 13 vs. Starlight 10 – CHAMPIONSHIP GAME…. CAW WINS!!!!

Senior/Super Boys Softball – CAW 7 vs. Poyntelle 3 – CHAMPIONSHIP GAME… CAW WINS!!!!

GC/Waiter Boys Soccer – CAW 2 vs. Westmont 4

The night was all about Boys Lip Sync and they put on quite a show. The Freshmen were too cute as they danced to the ABC’s. The Juniors had a ball at the Junior Wedding. Middy Boys dazzled us with their interpretation of this summer’s hit song “Jessica Stern”. Inter Boys rapped the night away. Collegiates entertained us with their Toy Story Dance. Seniors got Lazy with their dance. Supers did the Chicken Dance and a little Hokie Pokie. GC’s paid homage to their fellow campers with a touching poem. The Waiters blew our minds with a video of highlights from their years here followed by a great dance and letter read by one but felt by all.

The performances were awesome, entertaining and heartfelt. The Rec Hall rocked but there could only be one winner from lower camp and one from upper. Tonight’s win went to the Middies and Waiters. What a great night and thank you boys for putting on one great show!!!!


Chenny out.