We Are In It To Win It!

There is a sense of something quite big about to happen and everyone is trying to figure out when!!! Color War is looming and everyone is feeling it. There have been lots of guesses and some say they know for sure but the breakout is under raps and it’s driving the campers crazy. The fun is building, the chants are getting louder and our campers want a Color War!!!!!! This week is starting off with a bang and it’s just the beginning. Get ready Chen-A-Wanda. You are in for a wild ride!!

It’s Academy time and the campers love it. We are running Basketball, Baseball/Softball and Soccer Academy for all those campers who signed up. It is a two-day intense training clinic in the sport of their choice. Campers have an option to participate in any or all of the clinics. The sessions are running great and the campers are getting a lot out of the Academy’s.

We played some Wayne County Games today. Here are the scores from today:

Junior Girls Basketball – CAW 12 vs. Tioga 14

Freshmen/Junior Boys Basketball – CAW 23 vs. Lavi 39

Inter Girls Soccer – CAW 5 vs. Tioga 4

GC/CIT Softball – CAW 7 vs. Lavi 2

The night belonged to our homegrown Minute To Win It Show!! Earlier this summer, we had auditions for those campers who knew that they had what it takes to win it in a minute. We really do have the most amazing group of kids who can eat a cookie of their forehead without using their hands. Who knew that Chenny kids could stack 6 dice on a tongue depressor that is sticking out of their mouth? It takes great skill to drop mentos into a Diet Coke bottle from 4 feet away and watch it explode!! We can do that here. The kids loved the show and were rooting for their fellow campers. The fun was on overdrive tonight as we were watching our campers do amazing crazy things.

I know I’ve mentioned this through out this summers blogs but what we have here is truly awe-inspiring. We are in every sense of the word, a family.

Chenny out.