Trip Day Tuesday

Our Freshmen, Juniors and Middies had the greatest day at Camel Beach Water Park. They zoomed down the giant water slide, they swirled around the toilet bowl and they got washed away in the wave pool.  What could possibly be better than hanging out with your camp friends at a water park all day? Waiting in lines was no big deal because hanging with friends makes the day that much better.

The Inters, Collegiates, Seniors and Supers spent the day White Water Rafting. They rowed the rapids on a beautiful day. Together in the raft, campers and counselors braved the swells. Halfway down the river, they stopped for a shore side BBQ. They all enjoyed the views of the beautiful landscape. Then it was back into the raft as they finished their adventure. They battled the river and together got to the end. A great accomplishment and what a ride they had.

The GC’s spent the morning at Camel Beach then it was off to TGIFridays as they dined the night away. As our graduating campers, they knew that this was the last camp trip to Camel Beach. Together they enjoyed their trip and just loved being with each other on this spectacular summer day. Good times with great friends. This is what it’s all about!

All the campers are back home safe and sound. All loving the day they just had. There is nothing quite like watching the kids get off the bus as they head to their bunks chatting about their day, smiling with pure joy.  Everyday your kids are here, they are making unforgettable memories that will stay with them forever. Oh, how we love summer camp!!!

Chenny out.