Singing In The Rain

The sun was out for a bit in the morning and our Soccer and Basketball Academy’s were in full force. The fields and courts were full of happy campers learning skills and skills and doing drills at a camp within a camp. Just awesome.

In the afternoon, the rain came down and it was a great break from our busy schedule. It was a fun indoors afternoon as we watched movies in the Chen-A-Plex, played games in the Rec Hall, made delicious desserts in the Cookhouse and created masterpieces in Arts & Crafts.

Despite the rain, we got busy on our fields and courts as we played some Wayne County Games.

Middy Boys Basketball – CAW 21 vs. Morasha 36

Collegiate Boys Baseball – CAW 11 vs. Tioga 0

GC/CIT Girls Soccer – CAW 5 vs. Starlight 4

GC/CIT Girls Basketball – CAW 25 vs. Morasha 28

We ended the night with our final theater production. It was a Chen-A-Wanda Cabaret. The campers put on several different acts that entertained the crowd. There was singing, dancing and even a mini talk show named CAW Talk. It was creative and the campers loved it!!!! Way to go to our Chenny thespians.

Chenny out.