1,2,3,4…We Want Color War!!!!

Campers were chanting all day how they want Color War. Everyone was looking for clues. When, Where, How????? You could feel energy as the excitement is growing with anticipation of what may be coming.  It just may happen before you know it. Get ready, get psyched… Color War is coming!!!!!!

More Wayne County Final Round games were played today. We are so very proud of our athletes. Their energy and sportsmanship are so impressive!!!!


Inter Boys Softball – CAW 1 vs. Equinunk 2

Collegiate Girls Softball – CAW 9 vs. Westmont 5. CAW WINS WAYNE COUNTY CHAMPIONSHIP

It was the Greatest Show On Earth as our circus program put of the most spectacular evening activity. They dazzled us with death defying feats and amazed us with their acrobatic abilities. Many of our campers were in the big show and we cheered them on as they worked so hard on this amazing production. We were all entertained and felt like we were watching a show under the Big Top!!!! It was out of this world and we couldn’t be more proud our Circus Program. As they fly through the air and make it appear so easy, we all watch in awe!!! Great show tonight.

As the campers were being dismissed, you heard the music from Field of Dreams and out of from the darkness on the baseball field came 6 baseball players in red jerseys. They kneeled and imparted some Chen-A-Wanda words of wisdom about the importance of the game and how there must be integrity in every battle. As the murmurs grew louder, and everyone was looking at one another, could this be it? There you saw 6 football players dressed in gold jerseys. They took a knee as well and spoke about sportsmanship and competition.

The scene was set, the players were present and we all believed that just beyond centerfield there was a cornfield. It was a Field of Dreams but as the excitement grew and yells from campers were heard saying “Red Baseball vs. Gold Football… Color War is here,” players unrolled a banner that read…Fake Out!!!!!

Chenny out.