Today was a great day. We all got some very extra needed sleep followed by a Brunch morning. After a fun day of trips, we all needed the sleep in. the weather was hot so it was into the pool and lake to cool off.

It was another day of great Chenny games and our athletes proved once again that they give it all they got on the courts and fields.

Girls 5th Grade Tennis – CAW 4 vs. Lohikan 1

Girls 7th Grade Softball – CAW 18 vs. Lavi 0

Boys 7th Grade Soccer – Weequahic 1 vs. CAW 0

Boys 7th/8th/9th Grade Hockey – Island Lake 6 vs. CAW 5

Boys 8th Grade Basketball – Morasha 52 vs. CAW 35

We all get wet, wacky and wild with Powerhouse Studios for our evening activity. We did crazy silly races, got pied in the face and was slimed by the giant booger blaster.  It was just over the top hilarity. Everyone had a ball with the rubber chicken toss and hobby horse races. What a fun night we had.

As we are approaching our fourth week here at camp, we are all in the groove and loving this experience. Yes, there are amazing activities and non-stop fun but the friendships here make it all worth it. When you see our campers arm in arm walking around campus, it makes you realize that this type of human connection is so vital and changes who we are. We rely on one another to get us through harder moments, we celebrate with one another and from this connection a deeper more profound friendship exists. How lucky we are to be a part of this amazing experience.

Chenny out.