Today was a day full of camp spirit and pride. Girls camp was busy practicing for Girls Sing. You saw pockets of divisions getting ready for Saturday nights big camp tradition.  Each division performs a dance, cheer and alma mater for the entire camp. It is a rich tradition here at CAW and we all can’t wait to see girl’s side bring it. They are all having a ball putting their dance together and it shows. Go Girls!!!

Tons of games were played. Hard work and effort were at the core of our sports program today.

Girls 6th Grade and under LAX – Bryn Mawr 12 vs. CAW 11

Boys 7th Grade Baseball – CAW 6 vs. Wayne 4

Girls 8th Grade Softball – Morasha 11 vs. CAW 9

Boys 10th/11th Grade Soccer – Kweehic 2 vs. CAW 1

Girls 8th/9th Grade LAX – Indian Head 13 vs. CAW 9

Powder Puff ruled the night. It was girls CIT’s vs. GC’s and the battle was on. The ladies played some serious flag football while their male counterparts cheered, danced and encouraged their players. It was such a great night. The game was played on our soccer field under the lights and the crowd went wild. No matter if you were on the field or in the stands watching, you were having a ball. Camp spirit was high today and everyone felt it. In the end the CIT’s took home the win. Congratulations CIT girls, you fought with valiant effort and had a blast doing it. The GC effort was also undeniable. They will be a force to reckon with next summer.

It just keeps getting better and better. There is no doubt why we all live 10 months for 2.

Chenny out